How To Create A Stunning Campervan Interior

Anyone Can Create A Stunning Campervan Interior!

Ever wondered how you can create your own stunning campervan interior? You may be surprised but it’s not as difficult as you might think! Though planning and research is required, designing your own beautiful campervan interior is possible.

In this article, we discuss 5 initial planning steps you can take to begin designing your own stunning campervan interior. There’s lots of good, detailed information below, so let’s get started! 🙂

In this article you will learn how to:

  • Research designs that appeal to you;
  • Select your color scheme, and;
  • Implement your color scheme into your interior van design

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Step 1: Do Your research first

The most important first step is research. Like many of you, I had never designed a campervan interior before and wasn’t sure what styles I liked and didn’t like.

So I started with Pinterest and created a mood board of beautiful interiors that appealed to me. But there is so much information on Pinterest, it can be confusing to know how to start.

Below, I talk about my Pinterest search strategy.

First, Search With Specific Terms

Since you are about to design your own beautiful campervan interior, start your search using more specific words like:

“van interior ideas Mercedes Sprinter” or “campervan design for Ford Transit high roof”

Anything close to your actual situation.

Even if there are less results that show up because you used a very specific keyword search, there will still be enough results to give you some great ideas on how other people design their space under the same circumstances. Take notice of other’s color schemes, material choice, and general layout. And begin writing down what does and doesn’t appeal to you. Important things to look at:
  • The colors of the walls, ceiling, countertops, and floor.
  • Colors and materials of the bedding, cushions, and throw blankets.
  • Accent items, such as handicraft souvenirs, potted plants, and fairly lights.
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Second, search with general terms

Now that you have a bit more of an idea of what you like, now comes the real fun part. At least for me 🙂

Now you can search with more generic terms like:

“interior design”
“home decor”

Now you can see all the different search results that show up. When you see a picture you like in the search results, simply pin it to your board.

Keep searching and pinning the results you like.

I also search with semi-generic terms like:

“tiny house design”
“living room design”

I like to specify the type of space, to see what comes up.

Again, take note at the colors schemes, materials, and accent items that are used. Continue to save the pins that you like.

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Step 2: Pick your colors

Once you have created a mood board with your favorite designs, try picking out the similar colors and designs from the base colors of each pin.

For example, as you see in my mood board below, I tend to be attracted by Scandinavian design, Moroccan design, and also a little bit of rustic urban style.

My General Search Mood Boards

Create Your Stunning Campervan Interior - Pinterest Mood Board
Moroccan Mood Board
Rustic Urban Mood Board

For our campervan interior, I tried to pick 3 colors from my mood boards. In my case, I picked the following three colors for my color scheme.

Primary Color: Warm White
Secondary Color: Dark Brown
Third/Accent Color: Light Blue

After many years of working as a graphic designer, I cannot say enough of it:

“The less, the better!”

It is good idea to limit your basic colors to a maximum of three. Having too many different colors in one space makes the design not only unsophisticated and cheap looking, but also noisy and uncomfortable. 

Create Your Stunning Campervan Interior - Pick Your Colors
My Campervan Color Scheme

Step 3: Primary Color For Our Walls

Paint Color - Beautiful Camper Van Interior Wall Build
We Chose "Twinkling Lights" From BEHR (Home Depot)

The reason why I chose white for my walls is because white was one of the three basic colors that I selected from my mood board. As you can imagine, living in a van can be  claustrophobic at times, so I wanted to make the van interior space look more open and as big as possible.

Not only do white walls make your interior look deep and spacious, but they also make your stunning campervan interior brighter.

Pick your white wisely!

After painting our walls

If you have also decided to go with white for your wall color, be careful with what kind of white color you choose.

There are SO many different white paints out there: warm whites, blue whites, green-ish whites, orange whites, etc.

There isn’t just one single white color out there.

But the one color you SHOULD NOT PICK is  PURE WHITE.  It may look great on a tiny sample paper piece, but when painted on a big space, the walls will look pale and your interior will feel cold and formal.

I picked the “Twinkling Lights” white shade from BEHR at Home Depot. It looks creamy yellow on paper, but when it’s on the wall the color looks more natural and soft.

Step 4: Secondary Color For Our Ceilings and Countertops

Once you applied the first color, then you can start thinking about your secondary color. This secondary color would be for the second largest area in the campervanvan; like the ceilings, countertops, or tabletops.

As you know from Step 2, I ended up picking dark brown as my secondary color. So I wanted to apply this brown color on our cedar plank ceilings, butcher block countertop, and table top.

Trying To Match Our Ceiling, Countertop, & Table

For our ceder plank ceiling, we used a mixture of two wood stains to achieve the perfect dark brown look that we wanted.

For our butcher block countertop and table, we used walnut wood that was finished with tung oil.

As you can see from the pictures, we think our dark brown secondary color matches well with our white walls.

Step 5: Display An Accent Color

Campervan Electrical System - Computer Work With Lights

Now it’s time to apply the third color to finish off that stunning campervan interior.

Blue For Our Sofa Covers

In my mood board, that third color for me was light blue. This color reflects a little bit of the Moroccan style, and I choose the same type of blue for our sofa covers (aka: our bed mattress)

Side note: Our sofa benches convert to a bed a night. Though it’s a bit of a hassle, we love having a convertible bed.

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Blue For Our Kitchen Backsplash

The second largest item in our campervan that uses this light blue accent is our kitchen backsplash. I picked this Moroccan-style pattern that has the same light blue color in it.

We love our backsplash so much, it is actually one of our 7 best ideas for a photogenic campervan.

Step 6: Adding Some Spices - have Fun With Your Interior Decoration!

Area Rug For Camper Van

We kept our base colors of the interior  simple based on our color scheme (white, brown and blue), adding several bright accent items throughout our van has helped to increase it’s visual appeal. These accent colors can be any thing from bright reds, oranges, and greens.

During our 1.5 year road trip in Mexico, we picked up several beautiful Mexican handicraft souvenirs that we have displayed around the van.

Just be careful not to go overboard with these strong colors and they can quickly make your van feel noisy and cluttered.

Save this article on Pinterest for later!

How To Create A Photogenic Camper Van

Thank you for Your Support!

What we learned in our eight months converting our campervan is that creating your own beautiful and stunning campervan interior is absolutely doable and not just a pipe dream.

With some basic and careful research beforehand, you too can design a beautiful interior for your own tiny home on wheels.

Lastly, you can read our Campervan Interior Design Guide for some more campervan interior inspiration.

Enjoy the process! 🙂

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