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What is Design? Why is it important in our lives?

Design not only exists as a beautiful presentation, but it is another form of communication. Design makes information easier for people to process and understand. Design gives people inspiration, energy, and ideas. Design also provides a safe and comfortable space for people where we can truly rest; physically and mentally.

So how can good campervan interior design enhance your van life experience?

A campervan conversion isn’t simply about wood working and electric wiring. Because of the very limited space inside a van, thinking about interior design is a lot more important than most average homes. Thanks to a wealth of resources on the Internet, we managed to design our own tiny home on wheels that continues to make us feel happy and comfortable even after 2 years on the road.

On this page we discuss our interior design process and tips, hoping to inspire people and give ideas to those who are starting their own van life journey.

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1. Planning the layout of Your Campervan

Designing your campervan interior begins with your layout. This means knowing what it is that you want to get out of your van life.

  • Are you an extrovert and want to create a social space in your van for hosting get-togethers?
  • An adrenaline junkie who loves to bring your mountain bikes and surfboards with them?
  • Do you love traveling in urban environments and want a small & compact vehicle?
  • Do you absolutely need a proper toilet and shower room?
  • Are you a proud minimalist and only need the bare essentials? Or will you need to maximize storage space to carry all your belongings?

Knowing your needs and requirements before planning your build will help you get that first step going in the right direction.

Find more details in below articles regarding our van layout and space efficiency tips.

Design Your Van Interior Layout

Campervan is essentially your home on wheels. Everyone has different life styles, needs and requirements for our homes are all different. Designing the best possible campervan layout to fit your needs is extremely important.

Fixed vs Convertible Bed - How We Decided

Fixed vs. convertible campervan bed. Which is best? Bed is one of the biggest space in your campervan. Your decision on this topic will affect the rest of the layout. 

Do You Really Need A Toilet In A Campervan? - WE DON'T!

Who can live in a house without toilet?? Of course we kept a RV toilet in our campervan when we started van life. However after 2 years of living in a van, our opinion has changed completely.

Campervan Electrical System - Computer Work With Lights

Lounge Mode

Convertible Campervan Bed

Bed Mode

2. Campervan Lighting

Lighting is so ubiquitous and ordinary in our lives that we don’t really realize how lighting affects our day-to-day activities and mood. And in a small campervan interior space, the impact of good (or bad!) lighting is amplified.

Van Interior = No Physical Separation Of Rooms

Smart campervan lighting can also help quickly change the mood and atmosphere of a campervan’s interior from active, to calm and relaxing, to fun & social.

Campervan Lighting Tips For Setting The Right Mood

When designing and building a campervan interior, campervan lighting design often gets neglected.  We see lots of vans with general lighting without specific purpose.

3. Color Decision of the Interior

When you make decisions about colors, where do you start? Do you simply pick the colors you like at the store and just start painting?

In our case, we were too afraid to choose our colors so quickly because there’s a never ending amount of colors you could pick, and once you paint for real, there is no going back. We did lots of visual research using Pinterest and Instagram. We even did multiple test paints on leftover plywood. Perhaps we went a bit too overboard? 🤔

In our experience, creating a color scheme and keeping a consistency in your color decisions is the key to having a successful van interior design.

We share with you the process and tips we used to help you make the right decisions for your van interior colors. 

How To Create A Stunning Campervan Interior

How do people create an attractive, professional looking campervan interior?  The truth is, it is not that difficult than you think. Following  these simple rules can give your van that photogenic and timeless look.

Are White Walls A Good Idea For Campervan?

Living in a van can be much more claustrophobic than living in a house. In this article, we share from our 2 year of experience living in a van why white wall has been working great for our campervan.

Create A Color Scheme For Your Campervan Interior

Designing the campervan interior can be different than from a normal house since the interior area space of the van is limited. As a result, the arrangement of your colors in your campervan can have a greater affect on the atmosphere of your living space.

White Paint Test

4. Van Interior Decoration

You’ve selected your colors, painted, and finished your campervan build. And now you’re ready to move in.

But we would say your interior design work has just begun! In our opinion, decorating your van interior is the most fun part of your van interior design. It is time to put some character into your home!

Everyone’s taste is different, some people like to keep it simple, but I am all about “being colorful”. I was planning to buy lots of colorful arts craft when we got to mexico and this was one of the reasons why I kept the colors of our walls, ceiling, and furniture simple and consistent. That way bringing in colorful accents into the van will stand out, without being too noisy for your eyes.

In the article’s below, we listed some accent items that we purchased in the past and have had quite a lot of interest from people online.

7 Must Have Items To Create A Photogenic Campervan

Look no further! In this article, I will share with you 7 of our best ideas that help to transform any vehicle into a photogenic campervan. These items have not only helped our home look better, but they’ve also been really practical during our van life adventure.

Simple 5 Steps To Design A Beautiful Campervan

Ever wondered how you can create your own stunning campervan interior? You may be surprised but it’s not as difficult as you might think! Though some pre-planning and research is required before your van build we think you, too, can design your own gorgeous campervan interior.

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