Van Life Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Building & Living Your Life On The Road

The Dream Starts Here

Welcome to van life! If you are new and thinking about buying and building your own camper van, or whether you are simply looking for tips and advice to lead a better life on the road, this comprehensive guide to van life is for you.

With almost three years of experience living in our camper, we’ve learned so much about many of the van life details and this ultimate guide is our way to organize and present all the information we have gathered for our readers.

Table of Contents

For quick navigation, we have broken down our entire van life knowledge base into four categories.

DIY Camper Conversion Guide

Get the details here on how we chose, bought, & built our DIY camper van.

Interior Design Tips & Inspiration

Concrete information on how to design your own stunning campervan interior.

Van Life Costs & Finances

How much does this lifestyle cost? How much did our van cost? Learn it all here.

Van Life Hacks & Products

Additional knowledge we learned along the way while living in our camper van.

DIY Campervan Build Guide

Get all the details to our entire van build.

This section is dedicated to everyone out there dreaming about building their own tiny home on wheels. Below we discuss how to choose your vehicle and how to get started on building out the interior of your future DIY camper van.

We divided each part of the build into its own section below. You can also visit our Conversion Guide Homepage for more details.

1. Purchasing Your Vehicle

Which type of vehicle is best for van life? How to negotiate with a dealership? How much did our Ford Transit cost?

2. Planning Your Layout

What type of layout do you need? How to design your own stunning campervan interior? Do you really need a toilet?

3. Windows & Fan Installation

Installing our RV windows and fan was a must. We didn’t care much for “stealth status”.

4. Insulation

Insulating our van was an important step for interior climate control. Selecting the right heater also helps during the winter months.

5. Walls, Ceiling, & Floor

With our color scheme in place, we set out to construct our walls, ceiling, and floor. Our tiny home was taking shape.

6. Electrical System Installation

The largest sejhction in our build guide. Visit our 100% free electrical installation page for all the information you need.

7. Furniture Construction

In this section, we built our convertible bed, our kitchen counters, and upper cabinets.

8. Plumbing

Van plumbing was a frustrating installation process but we got it done and love our RV sink & RV faucet.

Interior Design Strategies & Inspiration

A graphic designer by trade, Yuko seriously did her homework when planning the interior design of our camper van. Below, she shares some of her thoughts and strategies that she utilized to design our van the way it is today.

Van Life Costs & Finances

Just because we live in a camper van doesn’t mean we live without expenses.

We realize that money is always on people’s mind. And for those of us traveling in campervans, we are no different. Every day we’re making money decisions based on our traveling lifestyle.

In our Costs & Finances section, we give an honest attempt to document exactly how much it costs, and how much it has already cost us, to live “The Dream”.

Van Life Tips, Advice, and Products

Already on the road? Looking to make life a bit easier? Van life isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s just downright hard and stressful!

We’ve compiled a list of tips, hacks, advice, and products we love that have helped us every bit of the way as we’ve traveled across North America and into Latin America.

Visit our Tips & Advice Homepage for more content and details.

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