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How To Use Pinterest For Camper Van Interior Design Inspiration

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Looking for camper van interior design inspiration but not sure where to start?  With so many online resources, it can be confusing to organize your thoughts to create a clear plan for your own van build.

That’s why we used Pinterest to organize our own van interior design ideas. Follow our guide below as we detail actionable steps you can take to take advantage of Pinterest’s services to design in your camper interior.

So if you’re ready, let’s get to it!

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    Part 1:

    Search Pinterest With General Keywords

    Using Pinterest to search for general interior design keywords
    Pinterest search with "Interior design"

    Use broad search keywords like “Interior Design”. What is great about Pinterest is that it is easy to explore and navigate all the different categories.

    Here you can have a look and see which general design styles most appeal to you. Perhaps you’re most attracted to ‘farmhouse’ style, or ‘rustic’, or even ‘Scandinavian’.

    Below if what you get when you click into a general interior design style. Pinterest will show you many more examples for that specific style. As you can see, we’re partial to Japanese design 🙂

    Japanese interior design category on Pinterest for van interior design inspiration

    If you have no idea where to start, searching for general terms is a good place to begin. Just have fun and pin any design you love to your board. It helps you to get great inspirations and narrow down the direction of the design you like.

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    Part 2:

    Choose Style And Search Specific Rooms

    Rustic Urban Kitchen Pinterest Mood Board For Camper Van Interior Design
    Pinterest Search With "Rustic Urban Kitchen"

    Now that you have a general idea of what types of styles appeal to you, you can begin to narrow your search criteria.

    Select a style that appealed to you from step 1. Next, search that style in conjunction with more specific keywords, like specific parts of a house. For example,

    In the example picture below, a simple “Bohemian style kitchen” can offer lots of design inspiration for your camper van!

    Bohemian style kitchen for van interior design ideas
    Bohemian style kitchen examples

    Delving deeper into a specific interior design style will help you get better ideas as to the type of materials you’ll need and the color scheme when it comes time to build your campervan.

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    Remember to keep pinning pictures you like to your boards!

    Part 3:

    Search For Specific Room Design Fixtures

    By now you might be starting to get a good idea not only about which specific interior style you like, but also specific sub-styles within that category.

    Now is a good time to start narrowing down exactly what you like about your chosen interior style. For example, perhaps the “Farmhouse” style inspires you. You can then search for very specific niche terms, like:

    In the example below, you can see what a simple “Farmhouse Sink & Faucet” search on Pinterest returns.

    Pinterest search results for Farmhouse style sink & faucet for van interior design inspiration
    Farmhouse Sink & Faucet examples

    Continue to make notes about what kind of specific elements you’d like to have when designing your own camper van interior.

    Part 4:

    Search Style Using Specific Van Type

    Pinterest search with specific keywords for campervan interior
    Pinterest Search With "Sprinter Campervan Interior"

    By now you should have a good idea of what types of interior designs appeal to you. Not only that, but you should also know what specific design elements and fixtures you would like to implement in your own camper van interior.

    Now you can search for interior design ideas for both your desired design style AND the type of van you have (or want). This helps you see what’s already been done and posted on social media. For example:

    At this stage, you may not get a large number of helpful results, but you can get an idea of how other people design their camper van interiors. And hopefully what you find on Pinterest can help inspire you to design your own van.

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    Final Thought: Let Pinterest Help Give You Design Direction

    It’s important to understand that the vast majority of us are not interior design professionals. And we likely won’t be able to recreate 100% the picture perfect interior designs that we see online.

    But by doing your own research and being prepared, you can set yourself up to achieve the best possible result when it comes time to starting planning your layout and, ultimately, building your camper van.

    Happy Planning!

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