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USB & 12V Charge Ports

Brand: Qidoe

Product Description:

  • USB A & C (3.0) charge ports
  • 12V charge port
  • 16 AWG wire & 15A fuse
  • Bonus: Leisure battery voltage meter

Why This Charge Port?

* For laptop charging (with USB C), use this charger.

Frequently Bought Together

Qidoe’s USB & 12V charger is frequently used with the following parts and components.

  • 14/2 AWG Wire – Provides power from the 12V fuse panel to the device. Learn more about 14 AWG wire.
  • Butt Connectors – Connects the USB/12V device to the 14 AWG wire.
  • 12V Fuse Panel – Distributes power from the leisure batteries to all 12V devices. Learn more about the fuse panel.
  • #8 Ring Connectors – Connects the 14 AWG wire to the 12V fuse panel.

Where To Install The USB & 12V Charge Port

The 12V charge port is commonly wired to the 12V fuse panel, which is then wired to the bus bars and leisure batteries. Refer to the wiring diagram below to see how this charger is wired to the fuse panel.

Wiring 12v devices to fuse panel

Technical Details

Input Voltage


Max USB Output Wattage


Max 12V Port Output Wattage

150W (for 12V)

USB Protocols

USB A (QC 3.0) USB C (PD)

Front Panel Dimensions

4" x 1-3/4"

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