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Solar Panels For Camper Vans

“Get off-grid and wild camp for longer.”

Description & Purpose:

  • Passively charges leisure batteries
  • Available in rigid & flexible frames
  • NEW high efficiency ‘9BB’ panels available

Why Solar Panels Are Essential For Van Life:

  • Perfect for wild camping & boondocking
  • Reduced dependency on expensive RV parks
  • Increased self-reliance and independence
  • Clean & sustainable power production

How Much Solar Do You Need?

Different camper vans require different amounts of solar, depending on their daily energy usage. Read our solar calculator post to determine your perfect solar array size.

How Much Solar Power Do You Need?

The amount of solar watts you need is ultimately dependent on how much power you require each day. A power hungry camper van will need more solar than a van that needs only the bare minimum.

We recommend a three step process to help you calculate the minimum* amount of solar you will need for you van conversion.

  1. List out electrical devices: To help you understand your daily power usage.
  2. Calculate battery bank size: Can do this once you know your daily power usage. Use our battery calculator to help.
  3. Calculate solar size: Can do this once you know your battery banks size. Use our solar calculator to help.

* Our calculators help you derive the minimum amount of solar you will need based on your energy requirements. You can always choose to install more solar than the recommended minimum.

Frequently Bought With Solar Panels

Below are the most popular components when wiring solar panels.

  • Solar Wire (Red & Black) – The size of these wires depends on several factors based on your solar setup. Use our solar calculator to help figure out your ideal wire size.
  • Solar Charge Controller – Regulates voltage from solar panels to leisure batteries. Refer to our solar calculator to help you get the right size charger for your needs. Learn more
  • Branch Connectors – Used to wire multiple panels in parallel.
  • Solar Disconnect – Protects solar wire and used to disconnect solar panels during maintenance.
  • Circuit Breaker – Protects solar wire between bus bars and charge controller. Learn more

How To Install Solar Panels

There are two steps when installing solar panels for a van conversion.

  1. Mounting the solar panels on the van roof. Learn more
  2. Wiring the solar panels to the leisure batteries.

Below is a wiring overview illustrating how to wire the panels to the leisure batteries. For more specific information, be sure to download our solar eBook.

Camper van solar installation wiring diagram

Need More Wiring Information? Download our Electrical Wiring eBook.

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