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Solar Entry Gland

Brand: Link Solar


  • Covers & seals entry hole as solar wires pass through RV roof.
  • Allows up to 3 AWG wire
  • Prevents water leaks* through the roof

* Requires sealant to create waterproof seal.

What Is A Solar Entry Gland?

A solar entry gland is a device that is used to cover the solar wire as it leads from the van’s roof into the vehicle. It’s primary purpose is to prevent the entry of water and dust into the van. Entry glands come in different shapes and sizes, but make sure the one you select is made from a plastic that can withstand extreme temperatures, weathering, and UV radiation exposure.

Frequently Bought With Solar Entry Glands

When using this 40A circuit breaker, below are the four most popular parts and tools you’ll need.

  • Solar Wire (red + black) – Connects solar panels to charge controller. Wire size depends on solar array specifications. Learn more about this solar wire.
  • Lap Sealant – Creates waterproof seal around the entry gland perimeter.

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