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Solar Charge Controller

Brand: Victron Energy


  • Regulates voltage from solar panels to leisure batteries
  • Ensures safe charging of batteries
  • Compatible with lithium-ion & lead-acid batteries
  • Bluetooth enabled for monitoring on smartphone

What Size Do You Need?

  • Charge controllers come in different amp & voltage ratings
  • Use our solar calculator to determine your ideal model

Frequently Bought Together

Below are the most popular components used Victron’s solar charge controller

  • 10 AWG Wire (Red & Black) – Conservative 30A current rating means this wire pairs well with the 100/30 charge controller. Larger controllers will need thicker wire.
  • 40A Breaker – This breaker protects the wire between the charge controller and the bus bar. Learn more about the importance of this  bus bars.
  • PV Circuit Breaker (40A) – This breaker protects the wire between the solar panels and the charge controller. Allows for easy disconnect when conducting maintenance on your electrical system.

Where To Install The Solar Charge Controller

The solar charge controller is installed between the solar panels and the bus bars. Refer to the below wiring diagram to visualize the installation location of the charge controller and the different solar components.

Camper van solar installation wiring diagram
14AWG Wire Diagram

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