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Master On/Off Switch

Product Description:

  • Single circuit on/off switch
  • Continuous rating: 300A
  • Voltage range: 12-48V
  • Colors: Red or black


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Below, we review the Blue Sea Systems battery switch (6006). We detail all the features and show you how to connect this switch to electrical wire. Enjoy!

Frequently Bought Together

There are two 3/8″ terminal posts under the switch, so you’ll need 3/8″ copper lugs to connect the switch to electrical wire. Refer to the below photo to see how this works.

Blue Sea Systems switch (6006) connected to copper lugs (3/8
Blue Sea Systems switch connected to copper lugs

Below are the most commonly used components when installing this master switch.

  • 3/8″ Copper LugCrimps onto the  2/0 AWG wire and attaches to the switch.
  • 2/0 AWG WireThis wire connects the switch to the batteries and to the bus bars.

Where To Install The Master Switch

This master on/off switch is installed between the 300A fuse and the positive bus bar (red). To make the connection, use 2/0 AWG wire and 3/8″ copper lug terminals. Refer to the wiring diagram below to visualize where the switch is installed.

Wiring diagram connecting 12V leisure batteries to bus bars
Wiring 12V batteries to bus bars

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Technical Details

Switch Positions


Current Rating

900A Cranking (30 sec)/ 500A Intermittent (5 min)/ 300A Continuous

Max Voltage

48V DC

Terminal Stud Diameter

3/8" (M10)

Standards Met

IP66 waterproof, ISO 8846 and meets ABYC requirements.

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