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Leisure Batteries (For Camper Vans)

What Are Leisure Batteries? These batteries are specifically designed to provide continuous power to electrical devices in mobile homes, boats, and homes. Batteries come in different voltages (V) and Amp-hours (Ah), but the most common batteries are rated for 12V x 100Ah.

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Determining Your Battery Size Needs

We provide two different ways to help you determine your battery size needs. The first is a quick & easy form that only needs two pieces of information from you and the other is a detailed, itemized calculator.

1. Quick & Easy Form

In the form below, fill out two pieces of information. Battery size and model recommendations will show based on your inputs.

  • “Which Is More Important” – Leisure batteries come in different qualities. You’ll need to decide whether you want a budget-oriented a high quality battery.
  • “Daily Energy Usage” – Read the text below the drop-down menu and select which situation best describes your van’s electrical needs.
Battery Size Calculator
  • Very Low: Only the basics. One laptop, one smartphone, a few LED lights, and a vent fan.
  • Low: A couple laptops and smartphones, 12V fridge, vent fan, water pump, 6-10 LED lights, and small appliances, like a blender.
  • Medium: Everything from "Low", but add a diesel heater and occasional use of a hairdryer, coffee machine, electric kettle, and Instant Pot.
  • High: Everything from "Medium", but add more constant use of 110V/220V appliances and some use of an induction stove.
  • Very High: Everything from "High", but add a hot water heater, some use of an air-conditioner, and more frequent use of an induction stove.

2. Itemized Calculator

To view the itemized calculator, download the spreadsheet below.

Next, visit our battery calculator post for step-by-step instructions.

Frequently Bought Together

The following 4 components and tools are frequently used to help install leisure batteries in a camper van.

  • 2/0 AWG Wire – Use this wire gauge size to connect multiple leisure batteries together.
  • Copper Ring Terminals – These lugs crimp onto the 2/0 wire ends and attach to the batteries. Different batteries use different ring sizes. Battleborn Battteries use 3/8″ while most other batteries use 5/16″. Double check before you buy.
  • Wire Cutter – Not all wire cutters can cut through thick 2/0 gauge wire. But this one from Klein Tools does.
  • Lug Crimper – Use this hydraulic crimper to crimp the copper ring terminals onto the 2/0 AWG wire.
  • Heat Gun – Activates the heat shrink to cover the ring terminals and 2/0 wire.

How & Where Leisure Batteries Are Installed

The first step when installing leisure batteries is to wire them together and connect them to the bus bars, which are power distribution and collection centers for the rest of your electrical system. Follow the wiring diagram below to see how the whole installation comes together. You will also need:

  • On/Off Switch
  • 300A Fuse
  • Battery Monitor
Wiring diagram for camper vans connecting leisure batteries to bus bars. Includes fuses, battery switch, and battery monitor.
Wiring 12V batteries to bus bars

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