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12V LED Puck Lights

Brand: Acegoo

Product Description:

  • Runs on 12V DC
  • Perfect for ceiling installation
  • Warm white light
  • Low energy consuption

Why Use These Lights? :

These thin, streamlined puck lights install easily into ceiling boards and on the underside of overhead cabinets. Each puck light uses only 3W, meaning they are great to use in van conversions, where power is in limited supply.

Frequently Bought Together

When using these LED puck lights, below are parts and tools you’ll need.

  • 14 AWG Wire – Use this wire size to connect the puck lights to the 12V fuse panel.
  • Butt Connectors – Connects the lights to the 14 AWG wire.
  • Light Switch – Turns lights on and off. Comes with USB charging ports.
  • Space Connectors – Connects switch to 14 AWG wire.
  • 12V Fuse Panel – Distributes 12V from the batteries to the lights (and other 12V devices).

Where To Install LED Puck Lights

12V puck lights are commonly wired to the 12V fuse panel. Refer to the wiring diagram to visualize how to wire everything together. You can find many of the items below listed in our recommend products table above.

Wiring 12V panel to LED lights

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Technical Details

Voltage Rating

12V DC

Light Diameter


Light Color

Warm White


230 Lumens


50,000 Hours

Frame Material


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