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Grey Water Tank (Portable)

Brand: Reliance

Product Description:

  • 6-gallon rigid plastic construction
  • Thick BPA-free polyethelene material
  • Includes important pouring funnel


Where To Install The Grey Water Tank

The portable grey water tank can be used in conjunction with the Camco drain hose. Refer to the diagram below to see how this is installed.

Connecting sink to grey water tank for camper van sink system.
Connecting the sink to the grey water tank

Materials List


Perfect high-quality sink for van life. Spacious, tough, and comes with useful accessories.


Best drain tube for camper vans & RVs. Connects to any sink threading and comes with flexible hose to direct water to grey water tank.


Ideal container for grey water since Camco sink drain fits snuggly into funnel, when inverted inside container.

For more information, check out our sink installation guide.

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