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DC Solar Circuit Breaker (40A)


Product Description:

  • 40A rating breaker
  • Designed for solar systems
  • Manual break switch

Best For:

Note: Breaker amp-rating depends on your solar wire size. Refer to our solar wire size post to learn more.

Watch Our Review Video

Below, we review the CHTAIXI solar disconnect breaker (40A). We unbox the product, discuss the important details, and show you how to connect this product to your solar wires. Enjoy!

Where To Install The DC Breaker

This DC solar breaker is commonly installed between the solar panels and solar charge controller. Refer to the below diagram to see where this breaker is placed.

10 AWG wire for solar PV system
10 AWG wire to connect solar system to bus bars

For more information, check out our solar system guide.

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