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Victron DC-DC Charger (30A Max)

Brand: Victron Energy

Product Description:

  • Charges leisure batteries from alternator while driving.
  • Compatible with lithium and lead-acid (AGM) batteries.
  • 30A rating for rapid charging.
  • Bluetooth enabled for monitoring on smartphone.

Why DC-DC Chargers Are Important :

* This specific unit is for 12V systems. Additional models are below.

Additional Models

Based on the voltage of your starter and leisure batteries, and the amount of current you want, review the below tables to find additional Victron DC-DC charger models.

Starter / Leisure Voltage

Max Amps


12V / 12V


12V / 12V


12V / 24V


12V / 24V


Frequently Bought Together

Victron’s DC-DC charger is installed using the following parts and tools. Refer to the wiring diagram further below for details.

  • 6 AWG Wires (Red & Black) – These wires will handle the 30A current to and from the DC charger. Learn more about 6 AWG wire.
  • Copper Lugs – Crimps onto the 6 AWG wires and connects to the ANL fuse and bus bars.
  • 50A ANL Fuse – Protects the wires and all downstream devices from over-current.
  • Bus Bars – Power distribution and collection centers that make wiring simple and clean. Read more about bus bars.
  • Hydraulic Lug Crimper – Crimps the copper lugs onto the 6AWG wire.

How & Where To Install A DC-DC Charger

DC-DC chargers are commonly installed between the vehicle’s starter battery and the leisure batteries. In many cases, the DC charger is wired directly to bus bars and NOT the batteries themselves. Refer to the wiring diagram below to see how this device is installed.

DC-DC charger wiring diagram for camper vans.

Need More Wiring Information? Download our Electrical Wiring eBook.

Technical Details

Current Rating


Product Dimensions

2.76"D x 5.12"W x 7.32"H

Input Voltage Range


Output Voltage Range


Leisure & Starter Battery Voltage


Bluetooth Enabled?


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