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Power Distribution Bus Bar

Brand: R2X Racing

Product Description:

  • Red & black block  (four 3/8″ posts each)
  • 250A rating
  • Made in the USA


Connects To:

What Are Bus Bars?

Bus bars are used to distribute the flow of electricity and act as a wire organizer to simplify the wiring process. Connect the bus bars to your leisure batteries and all downstream devices to the bus bars. This makes your wiring cleaner, safer, and easier to maintain, as opposed to wiring all devices directly to the batteries.

Bus bars connected to leisure batteries and other electrical devices.

Bus bars can be wired to the following popular devices:

  • 12V Fuse Panel – Distributes power to all 12V devices. Learn more
  • Inverter/Charger – Provides power to all 110V (220V) AC devices. Learn more
  • Solar Charge Controller – Manages charging from solar panels to batteries. Learn more
  • DC-DC Charger – Manages leisure battery charging when driving. Learn more

Frequently Bought Together

These bus bars are often paired with the below components and tools.

  • 2/0 AWG Wires (Red & Black) – These wires connect the bus bars to the batteries. Learn more
  • Copper Lugs – Crimps onto 2/0 AWG wires and connects to the bus bars.
  • Hydraulic Lug Crimper – Crimps the copper lugs onto the 2/0 AWG wire.

How & Where To Use Bus Bars

Bus bars are an integral part of any electrical system in mobile homes and camper vans. Below is a sample wiring diagram illustrating where bus bars are located. From the diagram, you can see that the bus bars are connected to the:

  • 12V Fuse Panel
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • DC-DC Charger
  • Inverter
Camper van electrical wiring diagram

Need More Wiring Information? Download our Electrical Wiring eBook.

Technical Details

Post Size


Current Rating


Voltage Rating



Nickel-Plated Brss & Stainless Steel


6.6"L x 2.0"H

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