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ANL Fuse (50 Amps)

Brand: Baomain

Product Description:

  • 50A fuse (1 fuse & 1 holder)
  • Suitable for up to 2/0 AWG wire

Why This Fuse Size?

Frequently Bought Together

This 50A ANL fuse is frequently used with the following parts and components.

  • 6 AWG Wire – Connects fuse to DC charger and bus bars. Learn more about this 6 AWG wire.
  • 3/8″ Lug Terminals – Crimps onto 6 AWG wire and connects to fuse holder and bus bar.
  • DC-DC Charger – Chargers your leisure battery while driving. Learn more about DC chargers.
  • Bus Bars – Collects and distributes power to/from the leisure batteries. Learn more about bus bars.

Where To Install The 50A ANL Fuse

Two 50A fuses will needed be installed when wiring a DC-DC charger.

The first 50A fuse is placed between the vehicle starting battery and the DC-DC charger. The second 50A fuse is placed between the DC-DC charger and the positive bus bar. Refer to the below wiring diagram to see where these fuses are installed.

DC-DC charger wiring diagram for camper vans.

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