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6 AWG Wire

Brand: Ancor

Product Description:

  • 55A current rating (conservative)
  • Perfect for wiring DC-DC charger
  • Ultra flexible wire
  • Resistant against salt water, oil, & UV light

Why 6 AWG Is Perfect For DC-DC Charging

Frequently Bought Together

Below are the most popular components used with 6 AWG wire.

  • Victron DC-DC Charger – The most popular DC-DC charger for van conversions. High-quality build with Bluetooth functionality. 30A rating. Learn more about this DC charger.
  • 50A ANL Fuse – Protects the 6 AWG wire from overcurrent situations. You will need two units.
  • Copper Lugs – Crimps onto the 6 AWG wire ends and attaches to the 50A fuses.
  • Hydraulic Lug Crimper – Crimps lugs onto wire ends. Useful for other lug and wire sizes.

Why 6 Gauge Wire?

Conservatively, 6 AWG wire can carry 55A of continuous current. We know this is conservative because this current rating is for insulation rated at 60 degrees Celsius and the insulation for Ancor’s6 AWG wire is rated for 105 degrees Celsius.

 This 6 AWG wire will compliment any of the below DC-DC chargers.

  • Victron Chargers – 18A & 30A models
  • Renogy Charger – 40A model

Learn more about DC-DC chargers.

Where To Use 14 AWG Wire

6 AWG wire is used to connect the DC-DC charger to the vehicle starter battery and the bus bars. (The bus bars are then connected to your leisure batteries).

Refer to the below wiring diagram to visualize how the wire is used in combination with the above recommended components.

DC-DC charger wiring diagram for camper vans.
6AWG Wire Diagram

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