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14 AWG Wire

Brand: GS Power

Product Description:

  • 15A Current (~180W) (Conservative)
  • Positive & negative wire
  • Protective outer jacket
  • Vibration and friction resistant

Connects To 12V Devices, Such As:

Frequently Bought Together

Below are the most popular components used with 14 AWG wire.

  • 12V Fuse Panel – Distributes power through the 14AWG wires to all 12V devices. Learn more
  • #8 Ring Connectors – Connects 14AWG wires to fuse panel.
  • LED Puck Lights – Popular camper van ceiling lights. Learn more
  • Light Switch – Also comes with USB sockets.
  • Butt Connectors – Connects 14AWG wire to 12V devices.
  • Irwin Wire Tool – Useful tool to cut, strip, and crimp electrical wire.

Why 14 Gauge Wire?

This recommended 14AWG wire comes with high-quality insulation that conservatively transmits 15-Amps of continuous current. This is roughly 180-Watts of power, which is sufficient to supply power to virtually all your 12V devices.

  • LED Lights: 2W each
  • Ventilation Fan: 5W
  • Water Pump: 60W
  • Fridge: 65W
  • Diesel Heater: 100W (on startup)
  • Smartphone: 30W

Where To Use 14 AWG Wire

14 AWG wire is used to connect the 12V fuse panel to each 12V device, like the LED lights and the ventilation fan. Refer to the below wiring diagram to visualize how the wire is used in combination with the above recommended components.

Wiring 12V panel to LED lights
14AWG Wire Diagram

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Product Technical Details

Wire Thickness

14 AWG (wire gauge)

# of conductors

Two (1 Red & 1 Black)

Wire Material

Tinned copper (stranded)

Jacket Material

Heavy Duty PVC

Voltage Rating


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