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12V Fuse Panel (Fuse Block)

Product Description:

  • 12 individual circuits
  • Positive & negative terminals
  • Clear cover with labeling
  • Blade fuses not included


Fuse Panel Product Review

In the below video, we review Blue Sea System’s 12V fuse block. We go over the nitty-gritty details of this product and show you how to connect your wires to this device. Enjoy!

Purpose Of A 12V Fuse Panel

In a van conversion, you are likely going to have multiple 12V devices. Such devices can include LED lights, vent fan, water pump, diesel heater, and more. Instead of wiring every single device directly to the battery, fuse blocks simplify the wiring process by allowing you to connect all 12V devices to the block and then only wiring the block to the battery (or better, bus bars).

Frequently Bought Together

Below are the six most frequently used components and tools when installing a 12V fuse panel.

  • 2/0 AWG Wire – Use this wire to connect to the 12V fuse panel from the bus bars. Learn more about this wire.
  • 3/8″ Wire Lugs – Crimps on to the 2/0 wire and attaches to the fuse panel.
  • Bus Bar – This device connects to the 12V fuse panel with 2/0 AWG wire. Learn more about bus bars.
  • 14 AWG wire –  Connects 12V fuse panel to each 12V device. Learn more about 14 AWG wire.
  • #8 Ring Terminals – Crimps onto the 14 AWG wire and attaches to the 12V fuse panel.
  • Irwin Wire Stripper – Use this tool to strip, cut, and crimp electric wires.

Where To Install The 12V Fuse Panel

There are two steps to install a 12V fuse panel.

  1. Connect the fuse panel to the bus bars
  2. Connect the fuse panel to the individual 12V devices

Refer to the below wiring diagram to see how to connect the 12V fuse panel to the bus bars, which are then connected to the batteries.

2/0 AWG wire to connect bus bars to 12V panel

Once the 12V panel is installed, connect the panel to all your individual 12V devices. Refer to the below wiring diagram to see how this works. Read our 14 AWG product page for more specific information.

14 AWG wire to connect 12V panel to 12V devices

Need More Wiring Information? Download our Electrical Wiring eBook.

Technical Details

Product Dimensions

10 x 4 x 2 inches

Number of Circuits


Current Rating

100A (block), 30A (each circuit)

Voltage Rating


Main Stud Diameter


Individual Circuit Stud Diameter


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