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Angle Valve (1/2" PEX to 3/8" M)

Brand: LitOrange

Product Description:

  • Shut off valve (1/4 turn)
  • Lead-free compliant


Where To Install This Shut Off Valve

This switch can be used on any 12V circuit to turn individual devices on and off. In our wiring diagrams, we connect this particular switch to the electric water pump. But you can also use this switch for your LED lights.

Diagram connecting water pump to water faucet
Water pump to faucet

Materials List


Required adapter to attach water pump to accumulator.


Maintains water pressure to help deliver a smoother flow of water to the faucet.


Makes 90-degree turns in your PEX pipe tubing.


Connects to the faucet's water inlet tubes & PEX pipe.


We've been using this exact faucet for over 4 years and love it.

For more information, check out our sink & faucet installation guide.

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