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12/3 AWG Insulated Stranded Copper Wire

Brand: Ancor

Product Description:

  • 12-gauge, tinned copper, stranded wire
  • Three conductors (positive, negative, ground)
  • Tough protective outer jacket
  • Exceeds UL 1426 & US Coast Guard standards

Why Use These Wires?

 These wires can safely handle 20A of continuous current, meaning they are perfect for wiring to individual 110V devices for up to 2,200W. This includes:

  • Electric water heater
  • Common kitchen appliances
  • Hair dryer
  • Induction stove
  • Laptops

This is a stranded copper wire and comes with a tough protective outer jacket, making these wire resistant against vibration and friction while driving.

Frequently Bought Together

When using these 12/3 AWG wires, below are the four most frequently used components.

  • 15A Circuit Breaker – Protects the 12 AWG wire and all downstream electrical devices from over-current situations.
  • Breaker Box – Holds the 15A circuit breaker.
  • Power Outlets (with USB) – You can use these outlets if you plan to install sockets in your walls. These come with useful USB sockets.
  • 15A Power Inlet – If you have an inverter/charger unit, connect the inverter to this power inlet with 12 AWG wire to charge from shower power.
  • Wire Stripper & Crimper – Also used for 14 AWG wires when installing the 12V section.

Where To Use 12 AWG Wire

12/3 AWG wire is used to connect the inverter to power outlets and to a power inlet (for inverter/chargers only). Refer to the wiring diagram below to see where 12/3 AWG wire is used.

12 AWG wire size for connecting inverter to sockets and shore power

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Technical Details

Wire Thickness

12 AWG (Wire Gauge)

# of conductors

Three (postive, negative, ground)

Wire Material

Tinner copper (Stranded)

Jacket Material

Premium Vinyl (105 C Dry Rating

Voltage Rating



UV Light, Salt Water, Gas, Battery Acid

Exceeds all UL 1426, US Coast Guard Charter boat (CFR Title 46) and ABYC standards.

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