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10 AWG Wire

Brand: Ancor

Product Description:

  • 30A Current (~360W) (Conservative)
  • Marine grade stranded wire
  • Resists UV sunlight, salt water, & oil
  • Vibration & friction resistant

Best For:

10 AWG wires are perfect for most van solar wiring situations. But to be 100% sure, check out our solar wire size post to learn more.

Frequently Bought Together With 10 AWG Wire

  • MC4 Connector – Crimps onto the 10AWG wire ends and connect to solar panels and branch connectors.
  • Branch Connector (2-1) – Used to connect two solar panels in parallel. For more than two panels, look for connectors with more branches.
  • 40A Solar Disconnect Breaker – Protects system from over-current situations and disconnects the solar panels during maintenance. (40A breaker for 10AWG wires only)
  • Solar Charge Controller – Regulates the voltage from the solar panels before sending the power to the batteries. (100/30 model only when using 10AWG wires).
  • Solar Wire Inlet – Protects the wires as they pass through the van roof.

Why 10 AWG Wire?

10AWG wire is the ideal size for solar arrays less than, or equal to, 360 Watts. This is because Ancor’s 10AWG wire can conservatively transmit up to 30 Amps of continuous current without overheating the insulation layer.

30A * 12V = 360W.

If your solar array is larger than 360W, or  you just want to double check, read our solar wire size post.

Where To Use 10 AWG Wire

When wiring your solar set up, refer to the below wiring diagram to visualize how all the different parts and components fit together. (Remember, recommended the 10AWG wire size and solar charge controller assumes your solar array is equal to, or less than, 360W.)

Read our solar calculator to determine how much solar you need.

Camper van solar installation wiring diagram
10AWG Wiring Diagram

Need More Solar Wiring Information? Download our Solar Wiring eBook.

Technical Details

Wire Thickness

10 AWG (Wire Gauge)

# of conductors


Wire Material

Tinner copper (Stranded)

Jacket Material

Premium Vinyl (105 C Dry Rating)

Voltage Rating



UV Light, Salt Water, Gas, Battery Acid

Exceeds all UL 1426, US Coast Guard Charter boat (CFR Title 46) and ABYC standards.

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