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EWCS 2/0 AWG Stranded Wire

Product Description:

  • 2/0 gauge stranded wire with thick insulation jacket
  • Sunlight, water, & oil resistant
  • Vibration & friction resistant
  • Made in the USA


Why We Recommend 2/0 AWG Wire

More than likely, this 2/0 wire is thicker than you realistically need. Conservatively, this wire can safely handle over 175 Amps of continuous current, which is more than we ever use at any one moment. However, we recommend this wire size for three important reasons.

  • Safety First: Keeping your camper van and yourself safe from potential fire risks is critical. Though you can do calculations to arrive at your ideal wire size, over sizing your wire adds an additional level of safety and reduces the risk of overheating due to electrical misuse.
  • Wire Size Simplification: Because 2/0 AWG is an over sized wire, you can use this single wire for multiple electrical sections (i.e. wiring to the 12V fuse panel, inverter, and connecting batteries together).  If you intend to get the ‘perfect’ wire size for each electrical section you will likely need different wire sizes, which can end up being more costly than just buying 2/0 wire.
  • Future Proofed: Over sizing your wire means your electrical system can handle additional loads in the future that you didn’t already account for. This can come in handy in case you want to add additional high-power consumption devices, like a space heater, Instant Pot, air conditioner, or electric water kettle.

By upgrading to 2/0 AWG wire, you might be spending $20-$50 more than if you were to go with a smaller sized wire. But for increased safety and peace of mind, we feel this additional cost is worth it.

Where To Use 2/0 AWG Wire

2/0 AWG wire is used in different sections of a camper van electrical system. This wire can be used to connect:

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Refer to the below wiring diagram. The thickest red and black wires are all using 2/0 AWG wire.

Camper van electrical wiring diagram

Frequently Bought Together

Below are the most popular parts and tools you’ll need when using 2/0 AWG wire.

  • 3/8″ Copper Lugs – Crimps on to the 2/0 AWG wire ends and attaches to bus bars, switches, some batteries, and fuses.
  • Wire Cutter – Cuts 2/0 AWG wire to desired lengths.
  • Lug Crimper – Crimps copper lugs on to the 2/0 AWG wire.
  • Heat Gun – Activates the heat shrink over the lugs, which comes included with the copper lugs.

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Technical Details

Wire Thickness

2/0 AWG (Wire Gauge)

# of conductors


Wire Material

Pure copper (Stranded)

Jacket Material

EDPM Rubber (105 C Rating)

Voltage Rating



UV Light, Water, Gas, Oil

Country of Origin

Made In USA

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