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Everything You Need To Build Your Campervan

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Shopping Catagory

Solar System

Our solar system wiring eBook teaches you everything you need to know to build your own solar system in your camper van or RV.

From detailed wiring diagrams, clickable product images, and loads of informative side content, we’re sure you’ll learn a thing (or two!) about putting together your own system.

Best of all, our eBook is completely free.

Newpowa 180-Watt Solar Panel

We use these Newpowa panels on our van and we’ve found that the dimensions of two of these 180-watt panels fit the best when mounting these panels side-by-side on a commercial van, such as a Transit, Sprinter, or Promaster.

Solar Charge Controller

Charge controllers are a critical component to any solar system build. But we love our Victron charge controller because it’s Bluetooth enabled. This means we can regularly check all our solar harvesting data right on our smartphones. Check out our Victron solar charge controller review to learn more!

Mounting Z-Brackets
Van Life Tool Box - MC4 Branch Connectors
Branch Connectors
MC4 Connectors - Campervan Solar System
MC4 Connectors
MC4 Wrench Tool - Van Life Tool Box
MC4 Assembly Tool
Half Inch Rubber Grommet
Rubber Grommet
Circuit Breaker
M6 Ring Wire Connector
M10 Ring Wire Connector

Electrical System

For a general overview of electrical wiring in a camper van (or RV), we recommend downloading our electrical eBook. It’s packed full of illustrated diagrams & clickable product images for shopping convenience.

And just like all our other eBooks, this one is completely free to download.

Deep Cycle Lithium Battery

Admittedly, our Battleborn lithium batteries are not the cheapest. And there are plenty of more affordable batteries out there on the market. But since having a reliable & long-term source of power was critical for our van life, we opened our wallets for the best camper battery in the market today.

Victron 2000VA Inverter Charger

Planning to charge a laptop, operate a blender, or bring along your favorite electric toothbrush? You’ll need an inverter to power all those standard household devices. The 2000VA Victron inverter/charge does all that and also helps us charge our house batteries when we’re parked next to shore power.

Hasn’t failed us yet!

Victron Battery Monitor - Proper Battery Maintenance
Battery Monitor
14/2 AWG size wire camper vans
14/2 AWG Wire
12v System Installation - 12v Distribution Panel
12V Distribution Panel
120amp Circuit Breaker
120amp Circuit Breaker
15amp Power Inlet
15amp Power Inlet
Circuit Breaker Box
Circuit Breaker Box
15amp Circuit Breaker
15amp Circuit Braker
12/3 AWG size wire for camper van wiring
12/3 AWG Wire
Charge Your Camper Batteries While Driving - Lithium Battery Isolation Manager
Isolation Manager
Butt Connectors
Heat Shrink (2/0 AWG)
Wire Lug Crimper (2/0 Wire)
14 AWG #8 Ring Terminals
Wire Lugs (2/0 Wire)
Wire Stripper & Crimper
Wire Cutter (2/0 Wire)
Bestek 300W Inverter - Essential Campervan Gear
Portable Inverter
AIMS 2000W Inverter

Plumbing System

Speaking from experience, building your own plumbing system is seriously no fun! Finding the right pieces and components to ensure everything fits together is time intensive and a real headache.

Let our plumbing eBook take care of everything, from start to finish. Just like all our other eBooks, it’s completely free.

Sink Plumbing

Ruvati 15 x 15 inch RV Sink

Our sink’s almost perfect square shape is incredibly space efficient. And space efficiency is exactly what we want in a small living environment, like in a camper van. Includes a colander to dry dishes and a beautiful cutting board made from African Mahogany.

We would never go with any other sink option.

OWOFAN Kitchen Faucet

We pair this beautiful goose-neck faucet without Ruvati sink. It comes with a useful two-way nozzle (heavy stream vs. powerful spray) and, best of all, the entire faucet neck rotates out of the way when not needed.

Great for space efficiency.

Campervan Kitchen Tour - 7 Gallon Water Container
7 Gallon Fresh Water Jug
Half Inch PEX Pipes With Cutter And Rings
1/2’’ PEX Pipe
1/2’’ PEX To 3/4’’ Male
Quick Connect & Release
3/4” Female To 1/2” PEX
1/2” PEX To 1/2” Male
Water Pump Silencer
Water Pump Filter
12v Water Pump
Campervan Kitchen Tour - Camco Drain Tube
Camco Sink Drain
6 Gallon Jerry Can Water Tank
6 Gallon Grey Water Tank
PEX Ring Crimper

Mini-Tank Water Heater

This water tank heater is a popular option for those building their own camper shower system. However, you’ll need decent battery capacity and at least a 3000VA Inverter to power it.

Shower Head (With On/Off Switch)

This low flow-rate shower head is perfect for water conservation. Connected to our 10-gallon water tank, this shower head gave us lots showers out the back of our van.

There is also a nifty on/off switch on the shower head for greater water-preservation ease.

30 Gallon Spouted Water Tank
Tank Filler Tube
Water Inlet Dish
1.25" ID Hose Tubing
1.5" OD Hose Clamp
1/2" Male To 1/2" Barb
1/2" ID Braided Tubing
Water Pump Silencer
Water Pump Filter
12v Water Pump
Female to Female Adapter
Pump Accumulator
1/2” PEX To 1/2” Male
Half Inch PEX Pipes With Cutter And Rings
1/2’’ PEX Pipe
PEX 3-Way Fitting
1/2” PEX to 1/2” Swivel Female
Water Mixing Valve

Essential Van Build Tools

If you’re planning to undertake this project to convert a camper van, chances are you’ll need quite a bit of tools.

In this section, we outline all the tools and accessories we used to build our camper. Some tools are more useful than others and so we’ll let you know which ones we consider essential and which ones are simply ‘nice to have’.

Read more: Essential Tools To Build A Camper Van Build

DEWALT Cordless Drill

The electric power drill is an essential tool for a van conversion. Luckily, you don’t need an expensive or overly one to get the job done. This DeWalt power drill is relatively inexpensive and provided all the power we needed.

Or better yet, ask your neighbor. Everyone’s got a power drill somewhere in their garage.


A jigsaw is another essential tool. You’ll likely be using a jigsaw for almost every part of your build that involves cutting wood. Whether you want to cut through wood, plastic, or even sheet metal, this DeWalt jigsaw can do that. (Make sure you’re using the right saw blades.)

Bonus: You can interchange the batteries between this jigsaw and the DeWalt power drill.

DEWALT Table Saw

Not an essential tool, but if making easy straight cuts in  your wood boards is important to you, no other tool does it easier than a table saw.

There’s a steep learning curve, but once you get used to it, you’ll be churning out high-quality straight cuts all the time.

Pair with a high-quality saw blade for the best results.

Miter Saw

We loved our miter saw, but we wouldn’t label it as a 100% essential tool. It’s great for sawing the wood planks we needed to make our ceiling and drawers, but if you’re on a tight budget, a jigsaw can do similar work.

But it was sure fun to operate!

Circular Saw

Since we used a table saw, our circular saw didn’t get much action. We only used it to cut our butcher block counter top.

But if budget is a concern, a circular saw is likely a better investment than a table saw. It’s easier to use and has a greater range of uses.

Van Life Tool Box - Work Gloves
Heavy Duty Work Gloves
Safety Glasses
Ear Protection
Van Life Tool Box - Utility Blade
Utility Knife
Camper Conversion Essential Tools - Pocket Hole Jig
Kreg Tool Pocket Hole Jig
Essential Tools For A Campervan Conversion - Drawer Slide Jig
Kreg Tool Drawer Slide Jig
Van Life Tool Box - Caulking Gun
Caulking Gun
Camper Conversion Tools - Biscuit Joiner
Biscuit Joiner
Random orbit sander - essential tools for a van conversion build
Electric Sander
80-Grit Sandpaper
120-Grit Sandpaper
Van Life Tool Box - Needlenose Pliers
Needle Nose Pliers
Van Life Tool Box - Linemans Pliers
Lineman's Pliers
Irwin Electrical Stripping Tool
Electrical Stripping Tool
Top Tools For Van Life - Adjustable Wrench
Adjustable Wrench
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