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How To Keep Your Pets Cool In A Camper Van While You Are Away

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Leaving your pet alone in a camper van while you are away is one of the biggest concerns of pet owners. Compared to a normal home, vehicles experience greater temperature swings, especially during the summer months. So, how can you ensure your pet stays cool and comfortable when they’re alone in the van?

Keep your pet cool in a camper by ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment for them. This includes limiting direct sunlight by parking your van in the shade, ensuring sufficient interior air circulation, installing effective insulation, and providing enough water for your pet to drink.

In this post, you will learn helpful tips that you can implement to make sure your pet stays cool and comfortable while you are away.

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    1. Park Your RV Wisely

    A cat sitting infront of a camper van parked in the shade

    Sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Think about the movement of the sun when you park your RV. How the sun hits your camper van throughout the day plays a huge role in the internal temperature of your vehicle.

    During the hot summer months, avoid direct sunlight by parking under a tree or next to building to create shade over your RV.

    If you have no choice but to park in the sun, look to park your vehicle so that the front windshield is pointed away from the sun. And if you’re parking in the morning, think about where the sun’s travel arc will be so that you can limit your RVs exposure to the sun throughout the day.

    Windshield Sun Shades Are Critical

    If you haven’t bought one already, sun shades for your windshield are critical. They play a huge role in slowing down rise in temperature inside your RV.

    Sun Shade

    (Vehicle Model)

    Where To Buy?

    Mercedes Sprinter

    Ram Promaster

    Ford Transit

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    2. Insulate Your RV


    You already know that the inside of your car can reach extreme temperatures when parked all day in extreme temperatures. Unsurprisingly, RVs are exactly the same.

    So if you happen to building your camper van from scratch, installing insulation is a must. Putting in enough insulation, especially behind your walls and ceiling, will also play a big role in reducing large temperature swings during the day.

    Learn More About RV Insulation |  Campervan Conversion  Insulation Guide

    3. Proper Air Circulation In An RV

    Cat sleeping alone in an RV

    Especially on hot days, it is important to have a system that can circulate air throughout entire RV. Pairing a ventilation fan & windows really helps to keep your RV cool during hot days.

    Ideally it is best to have windows on both sides of your RV and at least one fan to promote good air flow.

    Looking For The Best RV Vent Fan? | Maxxair Fan Review: The Best Vent Fan For Camper Vans

    4. Leave Plenty of Water & Food

    Feeding A Cat Inside our RV

    Make sure your pets have access to water and food if you plan to be absent more than half a day. Of the two options, ensuring your pet has adequate supply of water is critical during the hot summer months.

    If you’re a cat owner, it’s a good idea to feed your cat wet food. This ensures that your cats are fully hydrated before you leave them. This is important because cats usually drink much less water overall than dogs.

    5. Essential Items To Keep Your Pet Warm & Cool

    Below are some great products that either help to control the interior temperature of your RV or help keep you updated on the current temperature of your vehicle.

    We like the Waggle RV temperature sensor because it allows you to monitor your RV’s exact internal environment. No more worrying about if your pet is suffering and if need to get back to your camper early.

    Van Life Heating - Espar D2 diesel heater
    Diesel Heater
    Camper Van Insulation Guide - Blackout Curtains
    Blackout Curtains
    Maxxair RV Vent Fan

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    RV Pets Safety Temperature & Humidity Sensor

    Final Thoughts About Leaving A Pet Alone In An RV

    Cat and dog playing alone under an RV

    As a pet owner I’m always concerned about the well-being of my pet, and it can be stressful to just leave my cat alone in my camper while I’m out. But with proper preparation not only is it safe to leave your pets behind in an RV, both owners and pets can make the best of the situation.

    It is always a good idea to plan your itinerary ahead instead of being spontaneous. Make sure to have a good parking spot where there might be some shade and less traffic, good air circulation, and plenty of food & water in the RV. 

    There are many things to take care of, but don’t let it discourage you from taking your best friend on your journey together with you. RVs can really provide the best way of traveling with pets.

    Happy travels!


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