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Crossing the Darien Gap with a Vehicle | Instructions & Tips

Shipping agent recommendations, required documents, & top tips. Get prepared.

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By now, chances are you’ve realized that it’s practically impossible to drive between Panama and Colombia. For whatever the reasons, whether they are geographical or political (or both?), a road has never been built between the two countries.  This road-less region of the world is called the “Darien Gap” and this post will discuss everything you need to know in order to cross the Darien Gap with your vehicle.

This post will also contain many helpful tips and useful pieces of information to make your Darien Gap crossing as smooth and error-free as possible.

The information in this post will be most relevant for those crossing from Panama to Colombia by ‘roll on roll off’ (RORO). But if you are going in the reverse direction or shipping in a container, this post can also be useful for you.

So if you’re ready, let’s get to it!

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    Does A Road Connect Panama and Colombia?

    Panama-Colombia Darien Gap
    No roads connecting Panama and Colombia

    No, unfortunately no road exists that connects Panama and Colombia. No highways or countryside roads. And as of writing, there is no plan to build any infrastructure to connect the two countries.

    Why? It’s anyone’s best guess. But here are my three theories:

    1. Political History: Panama used to be part of “The Great Colombia” but declared independence in 1903. This independence severed the relationship between the two and both countries prefer to be separated without roads.
    2. Cost: Building a road through the thick rain forest of the Darien National Park is too costly and isn’t worth the economic benefit.
    3. Pressure From Shipping Lobbies: The one industry that stands to benefit the most from NOT building a road through the Darien is the shipping industry. Due to the lack of roads, all goods must be placed on a boat for transport between North and South America. That’s good money for shipping lines.

    So without any roads, any vehicles larger than a motorcycle MUST be transported by boat to cross the Darien Gap.

    If you have a motorcycle (or bicycle), you might be able to find a sailboat or local speedboat to take you along the coast to your destination.

    Recommended Shipping Agents For Crossing The Darien Gap

    Though you can find instructions on how to do the shipping process by yourself, we recommend finding a shipping agent to handle most of the work for you. This is for 3 reasons:

    1. Better Shipping Rates – Agents are able to negotiate better rates with the shipping lines than if you were to walk into the shipping office directly.
    2. Saves You Time – Instead of spending extra days (and money) in Panama or Colombia trying to organize the shipment of your vehicle, an agent can help you do all the work before you even arrive at your city of departure.
    3. Saves Your Sanity – Unless you get satisfaction from doing everything yourself, a shipping agent takes all the frustration out of the shipping process. You just need to show up.

    We recommend the following two shipping agents:

    1. IVSSUK This is the agent that we used to ship our vehicle from Panama to Colombia. Extremely professional, communicative, and trustworthy. They are the leader when it comes to helping overlanders ship their vehicles all across the world.
    2. Overlander EmbassyA new shop dedicated both to shipping and vehicle maintenance and fixes. Based in Panama City, Alejandro works tirelessly to serve overlanders. For more budget conscious travelers, the Overlander Embassy is a fantastic option and if you take their service, they let you camp at their shop free of charge.

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    Required Documents To Cross The Darien Gap By Boat

    If you’re traveling from Panama to Colombia, you’ll need the following documents (original & copies):

    How To Obtain A DIJ Inspection Authorization

    1. The below steps must be done at least 1 business day in advance of the ship’s cut-off date.
    2. Drive your vehicle to the DIJ Vehicle Inspection location. You must arrive between 6-7:30am.
    3. Once you arrive, go inside the building and take a number. That is your place in line.
    4. Inspection of all vehicles begins at 8am. The lower your ticket number, the earlier your vehicle gets inspected.
    5. Present to the inspector the original and 1 copy each of your passport, vehicle registration, and TIP.
    6. Afterwards, the inspector will tell you to return at 2pm to a nearby building to collect your authorization form.
    7. At 2pm, head over to the DIJ Main Building.
    8. Skip the line outside the building and speak to the person behind the desk in the lobby. Present another copy each of your passport, registration, and TIP.
    9. Wait 15 minutes and they will give you your DIJ Inspection Authorization paper.

    Tip – In the morning, if you have a bigger vehicle, don’t park in the parking lot of the DIJ inspection building. Park under the highway overpass just across the street. If you’re a bigger vehicle, you’ll likely get boxed in and won’t be able to leave until the other vehicles are inspected.

    Tips For Preparing Your Vehicle For Shipping Across The Darien

    Dropping off vehicle at Panama port - shipping to Colombia across Darien Gap
    Dropping off the van at the port in Panama

    Before delivering your vehicle at the port, we recommend preparing your vehicle in the following ways:

    1. Ensure the outside of the vehicle is clean. Go to a car wash, if necessary.
    2. Leave no more than a ¼ tank of gas/diesel.
    3. Make sure all propane tanks are empty.
    4. All food (perishable & non-perishable) must be removed from the vehicle.
    5. Any valuable items (electronics, watches, money) should be removed from the vehicle. All items left inside are done so at your own risk.
    6. Absolutely no illegal drugs.

    Once you enter the port to drop off your vehicle, an inspector checks your vehicle with a dog to ensure you are not transporting drugs.

    In reality, you may not necessarily need to empty your propane tanks or remove all your food. However, the intensity of the customs check will depend on the individual inspector.

    Is It Safe To Ship A Vehicle Across The Darien Gap?

    Theft of interior belongings is usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about shipping safety.

    And if you are shipping RORO (roll on roll off), you’ll need to give your vehicle’s keys to a port agent and they will load the vehicle onto the boat. So the entire time your vehicle is in transit from Panama to Colombia, theft of inside belongs is possible.

    That is why, if a vehicle fits, many choose to ship in a container.

    But if your vehicle is too tall and RORO is your only option, you can minimize the occurrence of theft in the following 2 ways.

    1. Make sure all valuable items are removed from the inside of your vehicle.
    2. Read this valuable post from the Overlanding South & Central America Facebook group.

    Luckily, shipping between Panama and Colombia is relatively safer than shipping trans-Atlantic. But be sure to take the extra precaution to further reduce your chances of theft.

    Crossing The Darien Gap With A Pet

    Cat on camper van kitchen counter

    Traveling with a pet from Panama to Colombia (or in reverse) isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here are the steps you’ll need to take care of for a safe and successful trip.

    1. Within 10 days of your flight, visit a vet to prepare the health certificate. We recommend visiting Andy’s Pets in Panama city. Andrea speaks perfect English and is incredibly nice and professional.
    2. The vet will submit your pet’s application to the appropriate government department (MIDA).
    3. If successful, you should be approved on the same day and receive a confirmation email.
    4. Visit the MIDA office and bring $10 for the fee. They will give you the final export certificate for your pet.
    5. Whether you are flying to Cartagena or Panama City, we recommend going with Copa Airlines. As of this writing, they are the only carrier with direct flight service between the two cities.
    6. If you are in Panama City, it’s easiest to find a Copa Airlines office to make a booking directly with the agent. There is a service fee associated with this, but they can help you with making a reservation for your pet. (Only 3 pets are allowed per flight and only from Mondays-Fridays. So purchasing from a Copa Airlines representative is helpful.
    7. Read Copa’s Pet Rules to make sure you don’t run into any last minute trouble.

    Recommended Places To Sleep In Panama City

    Staying at Nomada Hotel in Panama City
    Plenty of parking when staying at Nomada Container Hotel

    If you are in Panama City, we recommend the following two places to sleep.

    Overlander Embassy (OE) You’ll be camping in the parking lot just outside the shop. It isn’t the fanciest place, but camping is free if you take any of OE’s services, such as vehicle maintenance or shipping to Cartagena. Otherwise, it’s $20 per night.

    Nomada Container Hotel This is where we stayed. Prices are roughly $60 per night and include a kitchen. It’s quiet and in the center of the city. Best of all, they have a large parking lot for your vehicle. The maximum height restriction to enter the lot is ~2.9 meters. So we fit with our Ford Transit high-roof.

    Importing Your Vehicle In Cartagena, Colombia

    If you are shipping your vehicle from Panama, you will likely be picking up your vehicle in Cartagena, Colombia.

    Just as in Panama, it is considerably easier to hire the services of an import agent to take care of all the paperwork for you. Not only that, but these agents also have valuable relationships with customs and port employees to expedite the release of your vehicle from the port.

    Locating An Agent In Cartagena

    If you hired a shipping agent in Panama, very likely they will already introduce to you their contact in Cartagena to help you import your vehicle.

    If not, we recommend using Ana Rodriguez. Ana was our import agent and was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about the import process. You can contact Ana by:

    • Email:
    • Whatsapp: +57-301-4146464

    Conclusion - Do Your Homework, Shipping Across The Darien Isn’t So Hard

    Before getting to Panama City, we had been fretting this moment for months. With theft concerns and endless logistics to take care of, we were weary just thinking about all we had to take care of.

    But if you follow our guide and hire a shipping agent to take care of the most complicated parts, the process to ship your vehicle across the Darien Gap should be streamlined and very doable.

    If you have any questions regarding this process, please let us know by sending us an email from the contact page.

    Happy shipping!

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