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Creating A Color Scheme For Your Camper Van Interior

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Selecting you color scheme for your camper van interior is a huge decision to make. Once you paint, there is no way to go back, unless you spend extra time and money to redo your work. 

In this post, we share you the basic of color theory and how to create your own color scheme, step by steps.

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    Why Is Creating A Camper Van Interior Color Scheme Useful?

    Designing the campervan interior can be different than from a normal house since the interior area space of the van is limited. As a result, the arrangement of your colors in your camper van can have a greater affect on the atmosphere of your living space.

    What is a color scheme? Color Scheme is an arrangement of colors often used for interior design. It helps the designer to organize and keep the consistency of the colors they select. It is just like a color palette for painting.

    Understanding the basics of color theory

    Of course there are so many ways to define each color, but color theory simply means how colors or combinations of colors can affect the mood, feel, or symbolism in a particular space.

    Warm colors (e.g. reds, yellows, oranges, etc) : give energy, warmth, and exude a welcoming mood. They are great colors to add in a living room since these colors are used for dining and lounging; where people get together and socialize.

    Cool colors (e.g. blues, greens, purples, etc) : create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. These colors are suitable for spaces like the office, bedrooms, or bathrooms, where people focus on their work or relax at the end of the day.

    Neutral colors (e.g. whites, browns, grays, etc): create a natural, earthy feel, and they are great colors to be used in every day spaces. These colors would be used in places you see the most, like walls or ceilings, or the exteriors of homes and other buildings.

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    How To Create Your Own Camper Van Interior Color Scheme

    Step 1:

    Choose A Base Color

    A base color should be applied on the largest area of the camper van interior, such as wall, ceiling, and floor.

    Of course, you can be adventurous experimenting with bold colors if it is a normal house, but it is not the same case for a very tiny space like a camper van, that you are always so close to the wall. Can you imagine always being surrounded by a bright red wall?.… :/

    Make sure not to choose an intense color and but choose neutral colors (white, brown, gray) as a primary color for camper van to look more open and brighten up the small space.

    Step 2:

    Choose A Secondary Color

    Secondary color should be applied on the second biggest area of the camper van like furniture. This color choice affects largely on the total look you are intended to create.

    A color wheel and color theories table below will help you to visualize and choose the colors.

    Source: Beach Painting Contractors
    Color theory How to select colors Finished look
    Achromatic Colorless scheme (no hue) using black, white and grey only Simple, urban, cool, modern
    Monochromatic Using a tint, tone or shade of just one color Warm, cozy, chic, luxurious
    Analogous Using 2-4 colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel (yellow-orange / yellow / yellow-green) Bold, pop, exotic, country style

    Achromatic Color Camper Van Interior Design


    Monochromatic Color Camper Van Interior Design


    Analogous Color Camper Van Interior Design


    Step 3:

    Choose An Accent Color

    Finally, you can pick an accent color to apply on small area or objects like bench fabric, kitchen backsplash or pillow / throws, or even some art crafts to create a contrast and add a personal touch to your camper van interior. Remember to keep the accent color minimum and not overdo it to not to lose a consistent and sophisticated look.

    Helpful Color Picker Tool

    A great tool that allows you to play around with color palettes is Benjamin Moore’s personal color viewer. If you are unsure which colors to select for your van’s interior color scheme, give this color picker a try.

    You can choose the type of the room and style from their photo gallery and virtually paint the wall with the color of your choice using their color palette.

    Benjamin Moore Color Palette Picker
    Personal Color Viewer From Benjamin Moore

    Building a camper van? Download our free e-Books with intuitive electrical, solar, and plumbing diagrams.

    Final Thoughts About Creating Camper Van Interior Color Scheme

    Design is all about organization and making information tidy so that the information makes sense for everyone. Color plays a huge role for human brains to process information and it also has a large effect on our psychology.

    Interior design from scratch seems like a very difficult task, but you could also say that designing a camper van interior is easier than a traditional home interior because you only have to think about one inclusive space that comprises your kitchen, dining and bedroom.

    The biggest tip for interior design is to try creating a home that makes you want to always come back. Creating a color scheme will help you to pick the best color combination that makes a beautiful and comfortable tiny home on wheels, just for you.

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