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DIY Camper Van Conversion Guide

An Actionable, Step-By-Step Van Conversion Guide For DIY Beginners

Not sure where to start?

Painting campervan walls white

Table Of Contents

Part 1:


Choosing the right vehicle is vital for a successful van life journey. While any vehicle can technically be converted into a livable space, each type of vehicle has it’s pros and cons. It is up to you to decide which vehicle provides the best features and benefits for your unique camper van experience. Read some of vehicle-related posts below for more information.

Part 2:


Planning the layout and floor plan for a camper van conversion is an exciting and fun experience. You will have to combine creativity and practicality to ensure that every inch of space is efficiently utilized. It’s helpful to list your must-have features and amenities so that you can work these priorities into your plan. Check out our layout posts below for more information.

Part 3:


Designing a camper van interior is where the magic happens that transforms a van into an aesthetic & cozy tiny home on wheels. We believe in designing a camper interior that is beautiful, comfortable, and is a space where you can go to relax and recharge after a full day of being outdoors. Read our van design posts below for more information.

Part 4:


The first steps of the van conversion process typically involve installing vent fans, windows, and insulation. In this section, we talk about climate control and how you can keep your camper van cool during hot days and warm during the winter months. For more information, check out our posts below.

Part 5:


Constructing the inner shell of the camper van is a critical part of the conversion process and has an outsized affect on the look and feel of your van’s interior. In this section, we show you how we installed our walls, ceiling, and floors in our camper van and give installation tips and product recommendations. Read our posts below to learn more.

Part 7:


We recommend installing solar panels for most camper vans. These panels passively charge the leisure batteries and allow you to stay out in nature and wild camp for longer periods of time. In this section, we help you calculate your ideal solar wattage size, solar wire size, and teach you exactly what you need to wire the panels to the batteries to get you charging as quickly as possible. Be sure to download our free solar wiring eBook. Read our posts below to learn more.

Part 8:


The vehicle wouldn’t be a proper camper van without interior furniture. In this section, we teach you how to build a bed, kitchen counters, overhead cabinets, and more. We provide step-by-step instruction, installation tips, and product recommendations to help you build stunning interior furniture that is comfortable and inviting. Read our posts below to learn more.

Part 9:


Having access to clean water is crucial for van life and allows you to stay hydrated, prepare meals, wash up, and even shower in your camper van. There are lots of different methods to building a water system solution in a van and, in our posts, we teach you how to select and build a plumbing system that best suits your needs. Be sure to download our free plumbing eBook. Check out our posts below to learn more.


Learn From Our Experience

Van Conversion Mistakes & Regrets: Our Van Build Errors

No matter how much research we put into our camper van builds, we’ll always have a list of van conversion mistakes. We will discuss several van conversion mistakes and what we wished we could have done differently during our van build.

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