Camper Van Interior Design Guide

Designing a greater campervan interior isn’t rocket science! But there are some critical concepts to think about before the actual conversion begins. Check out our posts below to learn more.

Design A Stunning Camper Van Interior

Converting a camper van isn’t simply about woodworking and electrical wiring. There’s an aesthetic component as well! And so if you found your way to this page, perhaps you’re asking yourself “how can I design an amazing camper van interior?”

If so, you’ve come to the right place! This post is all about giving you actionable steps so that you, too, can create your own stunning camper van interior.

Even if you have no idea where to start, you may be surprised that designing your own camper isn’t as difficult as you might think! Let this post show you how.

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    Part 1:

    Get Van Interior Design Inspiration From Pinterest

    When designing the interior of your camper van, research is always the first step.

    Like many of you, I had never designed an interior space before and wasn’t sure what styles I liked and didn’t like. Luckily, the Internet is a great place to start. Great online resources include:

    I started with Pinterest because I like how you’re able to search with general and specific keywords. I also found Pinterest’s mood board feature useful to organizing all the different  interiors that appealed to me.

    In another post, I talk about my Pinterest search strategy to finding great camper van design inspiration.

    Part 2:

    Create A Color Scheme For The Van's Interior

    Van Interior Design

    Now that you have a set design style for your camper van’s interior, you can form a basic color scheme. A color scheme is a planned combination of colors that typically go well together.

    In our van, I created a color scheme involving only 3 colors.

    Can you identify these colors in our van pictures above?

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    Choosing A Primary Interior Color

    The most prominent color that you choose for your van interior is your primary color. Not surprisingly, the primary color you select will have an oversized impact on the look and feel of your camper van.

    For our van, the primary color is a creamy warm off-white. This is the color we used for our walls, upper cabinets, benches, and counters. The warmth and brightness of our off-white paint really helps to open up the van and makes the interior feel less claustrophobic.

    To learn more, read our post: Are White Walls A Good Idea For A Camper Van Interior?

    Part 3:

    Interior Lighting

    Camper van interior lighting

    Lighting is so ubiquitous and ordinary in our lives that we don’t really realize how lighting affects our day-to-day activities and mood. And in a small camper van interior space, the impact of good (or bad!) lighting is amplified.

    Some of the most popular lighting options for van conversions include:

    Each type of light can serve a different purpose. And depending on which lights you use affects the feel of your van’s interior space.

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    Part 4:

    Van Interior Decoration

    Van Life For Women - Campervan Interior Backdoor

    If you’ve followed this guide and finished your van build, you’re now ready to move in and start traveling.

    But we’d say your interior design work has just begun! In our opinion, decorating the inside of your van is the most fun part of interior design process.

    It is time to put some character into your home!

    Add Your favorite Decorative items

    Oaxaca Handicrafts - Shopping In Mexico

    Everyone’s taste is different, some people like to keep it simple, but I am all about “being colorful”. Decorating our van with color accents was one of the reasons why I kept the colors of our walls, ceiling, and furniture simple and consistent. That way bringing colorful accents into the van will stand out, without being too noisy for your eyes.

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    Enjoyed reading? We have other useful posts to help you design your own stunning camper van interior. Check out our Interior Design page for more info.

    Final Thought: Intentional interior design enhances your van life experience

    Design not only exists as a beautiful presentation, but it is another form of communication. It makes information easier for people to process and understand. It gives people inspiration, energy, and ideas. It also provides a safe and comfortable space for people where we can truly rest; physically and mentally.

    I hope this post helped you to get inspiration and ideas for designing your own stunning  campervan interior. 

    Thank you for reading!

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