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Budget Camper Van Solar System Build (For Less Than $450)

Get the best bang for your dollar. In this tutorial, we teach you how to DIY your own solar system for a camper van conversion.

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Though we provide free eBooks on our blog that offer intuitive electrical and plumbing diagrams, we regularly receive questions from visitors asking us if we have advice on how to build a more ‘budget friendly’ solar system for a camper van.

And it’s not really a surprise. Not everyone has $1,000+ to spend on a DIY solar build.

In response, we’ve put together a solar system that is geared towards those on an extremely tight budget. In total, the entire system that we detail below costs less than $450.

This solar system includes:

  • Solar panel (100w)
  • Charge controller (PWM)
  • Wiring (10AWG)
  • Batteries (AGM)
  • 500w Inverter (Pure Sine)

If you’re on a tight budget and all you need to do is charge a smartphone, power some LED lights, and run a small fan, then this diagram is for YOU.

So if you want to learn more, let’s get to it!

Budget solar system diagram for less than $450
This entire system costs less than $450

Confused where to start with DIY solar? Check out our comprehensive camper van solar system guide to start from the very beginning.

Budget Solar System Build (Parts List)

Below is the materials list for everything you will need to build a budget  solar system for your van conversion.



Where To Buy

100w solar panel

Charges your AGM battery from the sun.

Mounting brackets

Mounts solar panel to your vehicle's roof.

10AWG wire (red & black)

Wiring connects solar panel to charge controller and battery.

MC4 connectors

Helps connect 10AWG wire to solar panel.

Entry gland

Protects solar wires as they are brought through the roof & inside the vechicle.

Solar charge controller (PWM)

Regulates the voltage coming from solar panel to the battery.

30a In-Line Fuse

Protects downstream components and wires from surges.

Butt Connectors

Connects in-line fuse to 10awg wires.

Ring connectors

Helps connect 10AWG wire to the battery.

AGM Battery

Stores power from solar panel and provides power to all electrical devices.

500w Inverter

Provides 120v & 12v power to all electrical devices.

Added together, the total price of all the above products should add up to less than $450. How’s that for an affordable solar system build!

Do you know how much solar you need? Read our van life solar calculator to help you decide.

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Solar Diagram Parts

Below, we talk about each of the individual components. We will discuss their pros and limitations (if applicable).

NOTE: Because prices fluctuate over time, we cannot list product prices on our blog. But when we add up each of the products we list below, the total price comes out to less than $450.

100-watt Solar Panel (Newpowa)

We use ‘Newpowa’ solar panels for our camper van conversion and they have worked well for us during our 3+ years on the road.

If you have very modest electrical needs, a single 100w solar panel will be sufficient to keep your battery charged.

But if you can manage it, purchasing a second 100w panel can help give your electrical system some breathing room.

Newpowa 100W Solar Panel (9BB High-Efficiency)
353 Reviews
Newpowa 100W Solar Panel (9BB High-Efficiency)
  • 【New Design】Face Lift for 15% reduction in the panel length. Higher cell efficiency by using 9...
  • 【Dimension】28.54*27.76*1.18inch. High winds (2400PA) and snow loads (5400PA).
  • 【Maximum power (Pmax)】100W, Voltage at Pmax (Vmp):19.06V, Current at Pmax (Imp): 5.26A.

Solar Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets are required to mount any rigid solar panel onto the roof of a van.

Also included are all the bolts, nuts, washers, and self-tapping screws that you need for the installation process.

Read more: How to mount a solar panel on a van’s roof.

Solar Panel Mounting Brackets (Renogy)
  • Renogy mounting Z brackets are very easy to use, unique designed, and perfect for irregular surfaces
  • All parts you need to mount your panels to roof/wall are included in this product.
  • They are composed of aluminum material and are light weight.

10-Gauge (AWG) Solar Wires

Simple, effective, and affordable. These red & black 10-gauge wires are exactly what you’ll need to wire your solar panel(s) to your battery.

But if you can afford it, switching to the marine-grade solar wires can provide added protection and durability against the elements since a portion of these wires will be exposed on your vehicle’s roof.

Read more: Solar wire size calculator

10-Gauge Red & Black Solar Wire (Install Gear)
14,099 Reviews
10-Gauge Red & Black Solar Wire (Install Gear)
  • 50 feet of red & black wire
  • Rugged PVC jacket for maximum flexibility & durability
  • High-quality, affordable wires for budget solar projects

MC4 Connectors

Although the solar panels already come with a pair of MC4 connectors, you will need several more of these to connect the solar panel to the solar charge controller.

To crimp these connectors onto the 10AWG solar wire ends, you’ll need a good wire crimper and an MC4-specific assembly tool.

Solar MC4 Connects with Spanners (6 Pairs)
  • 6 pairs solar panel connectors Male & Female + 6 pairs solar connector pins (male & female) + 1 pair...
  • Conductor pin is tinned Copper£º It makes a rock solid connection after you crimp the pin to the...
  • WATERPROOF RING on connection is perfect to seal out water and dust to prevent corrosion, PPO...

Entry Gland

To bring solar wires from the roof into the vehicle, you will likely need to drill a hole in the roof to thread the wires through to the inside.

To protect the wires as they pass through the roof and to prevent water leaks, picking up an entry gland is a good idea.

Solar Wire Entry Gland
  • PG7 Waterproof cable gland used for all cable types 2mm² to 6mm² in Dia ,Widely used for solar...
  • Suitable for most round cables for Solar Panel,DC power, Aerial, satellite, Air conditioning,...
  • Can be fixed with Glue (not included) Sikaflex 221 Sikaflex 252, 291, dicor sealant, alike or...

Solar Charge Controller (PWM)

A solar charge controller regulates the voltage between the solar panel and the battery. This device ensures that the battery is properly charged and will stop the flow of current to the battery once the battery is full.

There are lots of more expensive charge controllers available, but this little PWM charge controller from Renogy will do the trick.

Renogy Wanderer Solar Charge Controller (PWM, 30A)
4,318 Reviews
Renogy Wanderer Solar Charge Controller (PWM, 30A)
  • 【Optimized for 12V Batteries】Compatible with 12V battery banks on the market, including lithium...
  • 【Smart 4-Stage PWM Charging】Smart 4-Stage PWM charging (Bulk, Boost, Float, and Equalization)...
  • 【Compact in size】Which makes it easy to install virtually anywhere.

30amp In-Line Fuse

This in-line fuse helps to protect your electrical wires and downstream electrical components in case of an unexpected surge.

Removing the fuse clip from its holder also allows you to work on your electrical system without fear of getting shocked from your battery.

30 Amp In-Line Fuse
  • 【Widely Application】The fuse holder is suitable for ATC/ATO standard blade fuse of 5A, 7.5A,...
  • 【High-quality】The heavy duty 10 gauge (AWG) tin-plated copper wire is made of high quality...
  • 【Easy to use】Directly plug to the existing fuse holder without splicing or cutting. Keep your...

10AWG Butt Connectors

You’ll need two 10AWG butt connectors to connect the 30amp in-line fuse between the batteries and the solar charge controller.

To attach a butt connector, insert your 10AWG wires on both sides of the connector and crimp the connector onto the wires.

Butt Connectors For 10-Gauge Wires
  • Tinned Copper Core: Butt connectors use a heavy-duty copper core, strong crimp, higher conductivity.
  • Package Includes: 50 Yellow heat shrink butt connectors that can be used on wire AWG from 12 to 10.
  • Solderless Crimping: Insert the wires to be connected, crimp both sides with crimping pliers, and...

Ring Connectors

You’ll need these specific 5/16″ ring connectors to connect the red and black 10AWG wire to their respective terminal posts on the battery.

5/16 in. Ring Connectors (For 10-Gauge Wire)
4,098 Reviews
5/16 in. Ring Connectors (For 10-Gauge Wire)
  • 10 pack of 10 gauge crimp ring terminals (5 positive, 5 negative)
  • Colored rubber boots (for wire end protection and polarity identification)
  • Gold plated finish (for maximum conductivity)

100Ah AGM Battery

Just your standard, no-frills deep-cycle AGM battery.

The purpose of the battery is to accept the current from the solar panel and store the power until you need it for your electrical devices.

If maintained well, this AGM battery should last you, on average, roughly 600 charge cycles.

Weize 100Ah 12V AGM Battery
  • Deep Cycle Battery 12V 100 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable ; Parcel: 1 x Battery (screws...
  • Dimensions: 12.99x 6.73x 8.43 inches (Replace UB121000, Renogy 100 AMP Hour). This sealed lead acid...
  • This 100AH SLA battery fits applications like wheelchair, scrubber, generator, lawn & garden,...

500w Inverter (Pure Sine)

If you don’t need to power anything bigger than a standard laptop, this portable 500w inverter will get the job done. Simply attach the cable clamps onto the battery terminals and this inverter is all set.

Comes with two 120v sockets and two USB sockets.

Ultra portable, ultra convenient, and ultra affordable.

BESTEK 500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter (12V to 110V AC)
  • Pure Sine Wave for sensitive electronics
  • Easy connection to battery with 12V plug or battery clips
  • Two sockets & two USB ports

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Conclusion: A Budget Camper Van Solar System Anyone Can Afford

We hope you found our budget van life solar tutorial useful. Every product we picked for this system was selected for its high quality & cost effective characteristics.

For more information on how to DIY a solar system for your camper van, check out our DIY solar system guide.

For more general electrical info, head over to our electrical system home page.

Happy Building!

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