Best Sink For RVs & Camper Vans – Ruvati RV Sink Review

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Looking for the best RV sink for your camper van? We understand all the different choices can feel overwhelming. In this article, we discuss what makes an ideal sink for mobile homes and why we believe the Ruvati RV sink (specifically designed for RVs & camper vans) deserves your attention.

So if you’re asking yourself:

“What is the best RV sink?”

Then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re ready to read on, let’s get started!

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    What We Like About The Ruvati RV Sink

    Ruvati RV Sink Accessories and Specs

    When it comes to RV sink dimensions and design, we believe 100% in “function over form”.

    Washing dirty dishes in a cramped space, like in an RV or camper van, is one of the least appealing realities of mobile living. But with the right sink system, we can make dish washing easier and less inconvenient.

    And we believe the Ruvati RV sink makes food prep & cleaning a much simpler, cleaner, and quicker task.

    Spacious, But Compact

    The interior bowl dimensions of the Ruvati RV sink are 11.5″ (wide) x 11.5″ (front-to-back).

    And though our van sink isn’t the most photogenic shape, this sink’s almost perfect square shape is incredibly space efficient. And space efficiency is exactly what we want in a small living environment, like in a camper van.

    We’ve seen other RV sinks that are circular, or even acutely oblong, in shape. But they just don’t provide the same area to volume ratio as the Ruvati RV sink.


    The Ruvati van sink is also 9″ deep, which makes this one of the deepest compact sinks on the market.

    It may not seem like it at first, but sink depth is an important, yet underappreciated, sink dimension. A deep sink allows you to store dirty dishes and cookware and clean up without splashing water outside the sink bowl.

    Dish Colander Included

    Ruvati RV Sink - Dish Colander
    Dish Colander Nestled Inside The Sink

    Low key one of our favorite aspects of the Ruvati RV sink is the included colander. When we are at a campsite with a sink station, we use this ‘dish basket’ daily to transport our dirty & clean dishes back and forth.

    Best of all,  this colander sits neatly on top of the built-in ledges inside the sink. So our dishes often dry inside our sink and doesn’t clutter our counter tops.

    Really convenient and space efficient.

    Wood Cutting Board Included

    Ruvati Cutting Board - Best RV Sink
    Cutting Board Nestled Inside The Ruvati Sink

    Included with the Ruvati RV sink is a beautiful cutting board made from African Mahogany.

    The dimensions of the cutting board are the same as the sink, and so the board fits neatly on top of the sink’s side ledges.

    So when we’re on the road, we can snugly fit both the colander and the cutting board inside the sink.

    This sink really is perfect for life on the road.

    Included Bottom Grid

    The included grate that sits on the bottom of the Ruvati sink is a nice addition. This wire grid allows us to set our dishes inside the sink without them touching the sink’s bottom, which can get a tad wet and slimy at times.

    Also, it allows the liquid to drip off the dishes and freely flow into the drain.

    High Quality Stainless Steel

    The Ruvati RV sink is really just a high quality product in general. The stainless steel bowl is easy to clean, doesn’t rust, doesn’t dent, and scratch resistant.

    What We Dislike About The Ruvati RV Sink

    We really scratched our heads trying to think of anything that we didn’t like about our camper van sink. The best we could come up with was that our sink has a commercial look to it and isn’t particularly photogenic. But that’s about it.

    We really do love our sink.

    The Verdict: Ruvati - The Best RV Sink Available

    It’s a no-brainer. We genuinely believe the Ruvati sink is the best RV sink available on the market today.

    This sink costs more than the average camper van sink, but you get what you pay for. This sink is compact, space efficient, and has a sturdy, stainless steel build. In this case, we think our Ruvati sink offers great value for the price.

    To pick up your own Ruvati RV sink, check out the link below.

    Budget Alternative RV Sink

    Admittedly, the Ruvati RV Sink isn’t the cheapest option on the market. If staying within a strict budget is a concern, we recommend the SOMRXO sink. It comes with many similar features as the Ruvati sink, but at 40% the price.

    How To Install A Ruvati RV Sink

    In order to build a complete sink system, you’ll need water tanks, plumbing tubes, a water pump, and much more.

    In our other post, we teach you how to build your own sink & faucet system for your camper van. Included in our post are:

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    Final Thought: Don't Make Dish Washing Even More Cumbersome

    We understand, dish washing is no fun and is an inconvenient chore, especially when you’re tired from traveling after each day.

    But with the right RV sink, though it might still not be exciting, dish washing can be made to become a quick and easy process.

    We also believe that when dish washing is easy, it encourages us to cook in our camper van more frequently rather than eating out, which has helped us save money every time we chose to cook ourselves.

    To get a more in-depth look of our kitchen and everything in it, be sure to see our camper van kitchen essentials.

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