The Best Camper Van Faucet – Breeze Through Dish Duty!

Who the heck loves to do dishes!? We sure don't! But our faucet makes dishes washing and food prep a breeze. Keep reading to learn more.

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A functional faucet is an underestimated component in a RV kitchen. If you plan to cook most of your meals, you may be surprised to realize that you use your camper van’s faucet much more often than you think you will. And it’s no secret that the shape of a water faucet has a direct impact on how easy it is to complete basic kitchen tasks, such as meal prep and dish cleaning. This is especially true in a camper van, where physical space and water availability are limited.

With over two years in our camper van, we believe we have one of the best faucets for van life.

So if you’re asking yourself which is the best camper van faucet available for your DIY camper build, keep reading below to learn more.

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    What To Consider When Buying The Best Camper Van Faucet

    All too often we’ve seen camper vans and RVs with impractical faucets. Sometimes they’re too small, or too cheaply built, or have an inconsistent water flow.

    We’ve even tried to wash dishes in a friend’s RV once with their space efficient, tiny faucet and it was a nightmare. It took forever and we were always clanging the dishes and cookware on the edges of the sink walls.

    So with that, these are three things to think about when choosing the perfect camper faucet.

    Faucet Neck Shape

    Faucet spouts come in all different shapes & sizes. But when it comes to dish washing getting a faucet with a taller spout like gooseneck style spouts, makes it easier to wash larger pots, pans and plates due to the higher clearance under the faucet.

    Have you ever tried to wash the dishes using a stubbly, little faucet neck?

    Dual Spray Feature

    Sometimes you just need an aerated stream of water. And other times a high pressure spray is more useful.

    Get a faucet that has both modes for your camper van or RV. We’re glad ours does!

    Swivel Head Design

    With limited apce in a van, it’s nice to be able to move things out of the way to create more space. That’s why we’re believers in camper faucets that van swivel aside when they’re in your way. It’s a great convenient feature to have.

    So...Now What?

    Now that we discussed some of the key considerations when selecting the perfect faucet for your camper van, you might be wondering…

    “Which faucet do you recommend for my camper van build?”

    Pull Down, Gooseneck Faucet Review

    When we planned our kitchen area in our own camper van, we were dead set on getting a full-sized faucet for our mobile home. We wanted a faucet that made it easy to:

    So we purchased a beautiful gooseneck water faucet for our camper van.

    APPASO Pull Down Faucet

    Over the last few years, we’ve noticed that these pull down, gooseneck faucets are becoming more and more popular in the DIY camper van communities.

    And it’s easy to see why.

    Beautiful in form and useful in function, these pull down water faucets have everything you would want in a faucet.

    Continue below for our review.

    What We Like About Our Gooseneck Camper Van Faucet

    1. Dispenses Water In The Center Of The Sink

    Gooneck RV Faucet - Water Dispensing In Sink

    Unlike many of the smaller RV faucets that we’ve seen, these gooseneck faucets stretch up and over and dispense water straight down into the middle of the sink, as opposed to just inches from the back sink wall.

    This is HUGE for us.

    This makes washing dishes considerably quicker and more convenient since we’re not constantly clanging our dishes against the sink wall.

    2. Two spray modes

    RV Faucet - Pre-Rise Spray Example

    We love that with a simple push of a button, we can change the nozzle’s spray mode between a smooth, aerated stream and a stronger pre-rinse spray.

    Aerated Stream
    High Pressure Spray

    3. Removable nozzle

    For more control, the faucet’s nozzle can be easily removed from its holster and rotated to better direct the flow of water. This feature is especially useful when cleaning the sink and washing larger, more unwieldy cookware, like frying pans and large pots.

    4. 360-Degree Swivel

    Sometimes we just want to move the entire faucet out of the way so that we can free up the sink space. This is especially true when we’re brushing our teeth and washing the sink.

    With these gooseneck faucets, rotating the entire faucet neck completely out of your way is easy and effortless.

    Gooseneck Faucet Rotation Example

    What We Don't Like About This RV Faucet

    If we’re being completely honest here, there really isn’t anything we dislike about our pull down RV faucet.

    While our faucet does take up more space than a smaller, traditional camper-style faucet, we feel that the benefits considerably outweigh the reduction in space efficiency.

    Final Verdict: The Best Faucet For Camper Vans?

    When we were researching faucets for our camper van build, we wanted our faucet to achieve two objectives:

    Make it easier to prepare meals and clean dishes.

    And we think our gooseneck water faucet succeeds in doing just that.

    One of best aspects is that for the price the APPASO faucet is sold at, you get a great-quality product for a great price.

    It’s an amazing value.

    And after over two years of experience with our faucet in our camper, we have no doubt that these are the best RV faucets you can get.

    APPASO Pull Down Faucet

    Other Recommended RV Faucets

    If the APPASO faucet doesn’t suit your needs, there are several other faucets that caught our eye that would be perfect for your camper van.

    Best of all, each of these water faucets are under $100.

    How To Install A Faucet In A RV/Camper

    To install a faucet in a RV/camper, you’ll need a sink, plumbing tubes, a pump, and much more.

    In another post, we teach you how to install a faucet & sink system in your camper van. The post includes:

    Check out our post regarding the best sink for RVs and camper vans.

    Final Thought: Make Dishwashing A Breeze With The Proper RV Faucet

    Doing the dishes after a long day isn’t anybody’s idea of fun. This is especially true in van life.

    • You’re tired
    • In a cramped space
    • And you just want to get the dirty dishes over with quickly

    But with the right faucet in your camper van, you can make cleaning up quick and as least cumbersome as possible.

    If you’re looking for the best RV faucet for your camper, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful and functional gooseneck faucets.

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