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About Asobolife Blog

AsoboLife is a camper van lifestyle blog designed and written by us: Yuko & Eric!
We’re passionate about van life and want to share our knowledge after 2+ years (and counting!) on the road.
On our blog, you can find awesome DIY van build tips, step-by-step diagrams, and travel tips.

We Believe That...

1. Van Life Is For Everyone

No matter your budget, expectations, or even timeline, camper van living is a lifestyle that accepts people from all different backgrounds. There is no one type of ‘van life’.

2. Traveling Builds Compassion & Understanding

Whether you camper van travels are purely domestic or international, we believe traveling helps make our world smaller and more relatable. Even if you’re just headed to a neighboring city or region.

3. You DO NOT Need A Toilet In Your Van

Ok, this might not be an essential principle for our blog, but we are mildly passionate about ditching the Porta Potty to ‘free solo’ van life.

On Our Blog, We Share...

Why Insulating Your Camper Van So Important

From ‘clueless to camper van’, we show how anybody, regardless of prior DIY experience, can build their own camper van from scratch.

Everything from safety tips for women to battery maintenance, and more.

Since 2019, our goal is to drive south, along the Pan-American highway, in our DIY camper van. Our end destination is Argentina. Covid has slowed us down (lots of closed land borders in Latin America), but we’re still determined to get there.

What Does "Asobolife" Mean?

We’re glad you asked!

In Japanese, Asobo (遊ぼう) means ‘Let’s Play’.

It is a phrase often taught to children in schools all across Japan.

By combining ‘Asobo’ and ‘Life’ together, we wanted to remind ourselves to enjoy our lives and have fun. Always be playful and creative in your life. Take risks and put ourselves in situations to learn and experience new things.

Meet new people and broaden our horizons!

Back in 2018, van life seemed nothing more than a pipe dream. A mere distraction from our day jobs. “Is this all life was about?”

But after quitting our jobs and building our camper van, we realized that there was so much more to life than simply following the common footpath of society.

And thus “AsoboLife” was born.

Our 3 Favorite Posts


Stunning Camper Van Interior Guide

We spent many hours designing our camper van from scratch; planning the overall layout, color scheme, and interior decoration. Read more about that in this post!

I’ve learned a lot over the past few years about how to adapt to van life as a female. And some of the products I use have been essential to long-term travel on the road.

Shopping for souvenirs in Mexico is the BEST! There are so many colorful, handmade products to buy. Check out this post to learn more!


DIY Electrical Setup Guide

Installing the electrical system was daunting at first, but we had a lot of fun and learned a lot during the process.

Instead of screwing our wall and ceiling boards directly to our van’s metal frame, we first mounted furring strips. No unnecessary new holes were drilled during this project.

Due to Covid-19, we spent 18 months living and traveling all throughout Mexico in our camper van. This post encapsulates virtually everything you could possibly want to do in Mexico if you have your own wheels.

How To Navigate Our Blog?

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How To Create A Stunning Camper Van Interior

Follow Our Pan-American Road Trip

Since May 2019, we’ve left everything behind with the goal of driving from the USA to Argentina in our DIY camper van.
And as of 2021, we are STILL on the road.

If you’re interested to follow along, check out our journey on Instagram.

More About Us

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