7 Must Have Items For A Photogenic Campervan

Must Have Items For A Photogenic Campervan

How to make your campervan photogenic

Look no further! In this article, I will share with you 7 of our best ideas that help to transform any vehicle into a photogenic campervan. These items have not only helped our home look better, but they’ve also been really practical during our van life adventure.

Let’s get to it!

1. Kitchen Backsplash

My number 1 insta-look item for a photogenic campervan is this Kitchen Backsplash Sticker. Yes! This backsplash is a sticker, not tile.

The color scheme for our van interior is quite simple. White, dark brown, and light blue. So this Moroccan Tile-Inspired backsplash sticker became a great accent in our kitchen area.

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Beautiful and Practical

This backsplash is very water and dirt resistant. If you get water or oil splashes on this sticker, it’s easy to just wipe them off with a moist cloth.

Lightweight - Perfect For RV

The reason why we chose this backsplash sticker instead of real tile is weight. One tile piece is actually quite heavy, and you need to put 8-10 large tile pieces together with cement.

We already carry a lot of weight in our campervan so we wanted to limit unnecessary weight as much as possible.

2. Accent Rugs

Next up for a photogenic campervan is an accent rug.

We have a small rug in our kitchen area and a longer Mexican wool rug in our living space area.

Another reason why we chose a neutral color scheme when designing our campervan interior is because I knew we were going to travel in Mexico and wanted to buy several of these colorful, handwoven rugs.

Accent, But Not Overwhelming

Luckily, the rug we purchased snugly fits in the aisle of our living space. The rug stands out, but not too much so that it also blends in nicely to the surroundings of our van.

Even though I choose this colorful textile, it is not overwhelming the space.

3. Blackout Curtains

While not the fanciest item in this list for a photogenic campervan, our 100% Blackout Curtain is a favorite of ours for a number of reasons.


Protect Your Privacy

First, and most important, our blackout curtain helps to protect our privacy. We hang them in front part of the van, and with the black fabric on the back, I really can’t see inside of our van from the front part.

Feels More Like Home

Second, being able to hide the front cab area makes our van feel more like a real home space. I chose this warm beige curtain color so as not to overwhelm the our tiny space and the rest of the furniture inside our van.

Protect Your Van From Heat & Cold

Front part of the van can get really hot and cold depends on the season and weather. 

These curtains helps to prevents hot and cold air coming into living area from front part of vehicles.

4. pillows and throws

Pillows and throws are the must-have items for your comfortable afternoon nap on your couch!

They are also great interior design accent items for any photogenic campervan.

These Woven Nook Decorative Throw Pillow Covers come with a different design on each of their four pillows. And we think they really look great on our light blue cushion covers.

5. Gold Wire Board

We often get questions regarding our Gold Grid wire board.

When we first started our van life travels, our rear wall area and the side of our small counter were just blank white spaces. And we felt that there was just too much white.

Plus, our plywood cutting job on the back wall was not so great 😅 so we wanted something to distract attention from it.

So we installed this wire board. You can hang your photos or postcards with the provided wood clips, and you can actually buy a gold basket that you can hang onto the frame.

It is also nice to have more places for storage.

6. fairy lights

Ahhh, a classic item for many vanlifers!

Fairly Lights are not a necessary item if you are keen on only taking daylight, but fairy lights are always nice option to get for some nighttime photography.

Fairy lights give a dreamy, girly atmosphere to your photos. And if you set these lights around your campervan, you can also have romantic dinners and/or movie nights!

I sometimes like to put them in a glass jar to have a little extra lights in the evening.

A nice-to-have item for any photogenic campervan!

7. Handmade baskets

Displaying an organic structure is another great way to have that insta-look, photogenic campervan.

We have a hand made rattan basket, which we use to store our tea bags and diffuser oils. Since pretty much everything in our campervan is rectangular in shape, organic shapes greatly stand out in your photos.

Thanks For Reading Our Tip For A Photogenic Campervan!

We hope you enjoyed reading our 7 items for a photogenic campervan.

As always, if you feel there are any other product ideas that we didn’t include that should make this list, please let us know!

We love getting feedback from our readers. You can get a hold of us through our Contact page, or by filling out the form below.

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